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Top 7 best advertising agencies in Calgary

March 17, 2024

Calgary, the spirited city in the heart of Alberta, is not only known for its iconic Stampede but also for its dynamic advertising scene.

The city’s top advertising agencies are a testament to its creative spirit, offering a range of services from traditional marketing to digital innovation.

These agencies are the driving forces behind some of the most compelling brand stories and campaigns. Here, we delve into the top seven advertising agencies that are shaping the future of advertising in Calgary.

The seven best advertising agencies in Calgary

#1. C&B Advertising

C&B Advertising is the epitome of a brand’s brand, creating ideas that resonate and forge deeper connections with customers. 

Their philosophy revolves around crafting messages that leave a lasting impact in the fast-paced world of advertising.

Their approach is to build meaningful campaigns that stand the test of time, ensuring that each idea not only reaches its audience but also leaves an indelible mark. 

C&B Advertising’s commitment to excellence is unwavering, as they strive to navigate the fleeting trends of the industry with permanence and significance.

#2. CAYK Marketing Inc.

CAYK Marketing Inc. prides itself on being a growth catalyst for businesses, offering services that not only increase revenue but also free up valuable time. 

As a local, second-generation marketing team, they have grown alongside the digital age, gaining a profound understanding of the internet and its potential for business growth.

Their 5-star rating is a reflection of their success in utilizing data to prove the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

CAYK Marketing Inc. is dedicated to spending marketing budgets effectively and growing businesses through their deep internet savvy.

#3. Flipp Advertising

Flipp Advertising is known for its outstanding deliverables, which are backed by a solid process aimed at achieving clients’ success. 

Their team is a blend of creatives, planners, designers, developers, and tech-savvy problem solvers who integrate a wide range of services to create a marketing engine that drives results.

They are committed to pushing boundaries, challenging clients to be bold, and having fun while doing it. 

Flipp Advertising combines sales strategy, creative thinking, and technology to help forward-thinking companies connect and engage with their customers.

#4. TAG Advertising

TAG Advertising is a beacon of creativity and strategic thinking in Calgary’s advertising landscape. 

Their dedication to understanding and fulfilling clients’ needs is evident in their meticulous approach to brand positioning and campaign development.

With a focus on collaboration and innovation, TAG Advertising ensures that each campaign is not just seen but also felt. 

Their ability to craft narratives that resonate with audiences makes them a valuable partner for any brand looking to make a significant impact.

#5. Blink Digital Consulting

Blink Digital Consulting integrates, optimizes, and automates marketing efforts to ensure that brands make the most of their digital presence. 

Their expertise in digital marketing is complemented by a commitment to providing solutions that are both successful and sustainable.

Their 4.9-star rating is indicative of their approachability and the positive outcomes they consistently deliver for their clients. Blink Digital Consulting is where strategy meets success in the digital marketing realm.

#6. Bujou Studios

Bujou Studios operates as a creative ecosystem, treating every project with the utmost care and dedication as if it were their own. 

Their 5-star rating underscores their commitment to creativity and professionalism in every aspect of their work.

Their range of services extends beyond advertising to include branding and digital marketing, making them a comprehensive choice for businesses seeking vibrant designs and fresh ideas.

#7. ZGM Modern Marketing Partners

ZGM Modern Marketing Partners is where brands come to make their mark. 

With a 5-star rating, they are celebrated for their creativity and passion, which are the most impressive aspects of their staff.

Their focus on advertising is part of a broader service offering that includes branding and marketing partnerships, positioning them as a modern marketing partner for brands looking to leave a legacy.


The advertising agencies in Calgary are a blend of creativity, strategy, and innovation. These top seven agencies have proven their ability to create memorable campaigns and drive success for their clients. With their diverse range of services and commitment to excellence, they are not just shaping brands; they are shaping the future of advertising in one of Canada’s most dynamic cities.