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Top 14 best hosting that exist on the market (in 2024)

March 14, 2024

Best hosting

Top 14 best hosting that exist on the market (in 2024)

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What is the best hosting in performance-cost of 2024

Below I show you the list of the most popular web hosting providers, with useful information about their features and performance. The price is the monthly cost, taxes included.

Hosting ProviderStorage Capacity (GB)Monthly Data TransferDesktop Load SpeedMobile Load SpeedAdvantages
HostGatorUnlimitedUnmeteredFastFastAffordable plans, excellent customer support, free SSL certificates
SiteGround10GBUnmeteredOptimized for WordPressOptimized for mobileRobust security features, daily backups, free SSL, and CDN
AWSScalableVariesHigh performanceHigh performanceGlobal infrastructure, scalability, reliability
WP EngineVariesUnmeteredFastFastManaged WordPress hosting, expert support, advanced security
WebempresaVariesUnmeteredGoodGoodSpanish-based hosting, reliable service
HostingerVariesUnmeteredGoodGoodAffordable pricing, user-friendly interface
ArsysVariesUnmeteredGoodGoodLocal provider, competitive offers
NameHeroVariesUnmeteredGoodGoodReliable uptime, flexible plans
Google CloudScalableVariesHigh performanceHigh performanceGoogle infrastructure, scalability
IONICVariesUnmeteredGoodGoodSpanish-based hosting, reliable service
KinstaVariesUnmeteredExcellentExcellentManaged WordPress hosting, high performance
NicaliaVariesUnmeteredGoodGoodSpanish-based hosting, reliable service
HostinetVariesUnmeteredGoodGoodSpanish-based hosting, reliable service
HostaliaVariesUnmeteredGoodGoodSpanish-based hosting, reliable service

Top 14 Best hosting and web hosting for your sites

Below is the list of today’s web hosting services according to my own experience and what they offer.

1. HostGator

HostGator is a solid option for beginners diving into the hosting world. It offers a user-friendly and budget-friendly service, although its packages are more on the standard side and don’t particularly stand out. Nevertheless, its design is tailored for those taking their first steps in this realm, making it a worthwhile consideration.

The plans are affordable and include all the essentials like a free domain, SSL, and email accounts. While some might find this minimalist, for beginners, it’s really all you need to get started.

Moreover, it boasts a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with cPanel, making website management a breeze. HostGator also excels in customer support, with a great 24/7 service.

Their agents are quick to respond and highly knowledgeable, providing beginners with yet another reason to opt for this provider. While I understand why HostGator might be less appealing to more experienced users, its user-centric approach makes up for any shortcomings it may have.

It’s a decent hosting provider definitely worth checking out.

2. SiteGround

best hostings - siteground

SiteGround was my trusted hosting for many years, responsible for all my niches, including NichoSEO, being fast, stable and with practically non-existent crashes for almost 5 years.

It is a very reliable hosting, as well as powerful, stable, fast and with quality technical support.

It does not have cPanel but does have its own dashboard that is very understandable and easy to use.

However, for some beginners, the lack of cPanel may be a disadvantage, since most tutorials on the internet use it to configure websites on hosting.

Also, the sites you create in WordPress already include interesting caching and security plugins from SiteGround that you can use for free. You can also delete them if you want without problems.

In turn, another of the very strong points of SiteGround is that it generates backups automatically every day, so you will have your site backed up in case of any inconvenience.

They are incredible and also help you migrate if you need it.

Perhaps its worst deficiency is that in addition to not having SEO hosting, its price is not that economical.

Their initial plans start at almost $18 per month, without taxes.

3. AWS

best hostings - aws

Amazon Web Services are a set of cloud hosting services provided by the global ecommerce giant Amazon.

You can host any type of website in it, but it is often used, and widely used, to host web apps that require a large amount of resources.

The best thing about AWS is the stability it offers and the guarantee of having one of the largest companies in the world behind it.

This makes it almost unthinkable to think that one day your online app will crash or that you may have major problems when displaying your website.

AWS offers a million hosting options and online services for any type of project, plus its own free CDN to obtain maximum performance wherever the user is.

It also offers many facilities for recent ventures and possibilities for financing and free use for a certain period of time.

If you have a web app or want to host a giant site, AWS may be the option you are looking for.

And all under the Amazon guarantee.

4. WP Engine

best hostings - wp engine

It is one of the best, if not the best hosting for WordPress on the market.

WP Engine , as its name indicates, was born as a hosting purely for websites in this CMS, and that is why all its expertise in WordPress makes it an extremely powerful hosting for niches.

Although it is mainly dedicated to the English public, and continues to provide very good technical support for Anglo-Saxon speakers, it is not so for clients from LATAM or Spain who do not speak the language.

The prices are a little high for our market, starting from $20 for 1 website alone, going up to $40 for 3 sites and so on.

If you have a business site or a powerful niche in WordPress, WP Engine can be that hosting that performs like no other.

If you want to go into niches, it may be very expensive for you.

5. Webempresa

best hostings - webempresa

One of the most traditional, historical and reliable Spanish hosting is Webempresa .

It has been online for thousands of years, since 1997 to be more exact, which speaks of very good work and guarantee for customers.

Specialized in hosting sites for companies, ventures or freelancers, but they also serve spectacularly for niche websites that have interesting and continuous traffic.

Their technical support is incredible and also in Spanish, something that is greatly appreciated.

They are experts in WordPress and Joomla and provide a magnificent service to keep all their clients happy.

Their prices are very affordable, starting at $50 a year and up.

Ideal to start with affordable, reliable accommodation, in Spanish and with great technical support.

6. Hostinger

best hostings - hostinger

Although it is true that in the beginning I had my back and forth with Hostinger , and that in the end I ended up changing it, I recognize that they have improved enormously in some time now.

At first I contracted this hosting and it crashed regularly, I had recurring problems with the plugins and so on.

However, not long ago I had the chance to use it again and the truth is that I have noticed incredible improvements to the old Hostinger.

It has its own hPanel, which makes it very user-friendly, plus its prices are crazy.

If you are starting out in the world of niches, then a great option is Hostinger due to its low costs.

Prices start at less than $3 per month, but I don’t recommend going for the cheapest plans if you want to stay with Hostinger.

Any hosting above for a higher price will perform better and have a better guarantee. But if for some reason you can’t afford to pay a little more, with this hosting you can learn the basics of SEO or set up a small site without spending practically anything.

7. Arsys

best hostings - arsys

Another domain hosting and purchasing service made in Spain and with decades in the market.

Arsys is the perfect site to find accommodation for your company or business.

It ranges from dedicated servers, cloud or VPS, to hosting for WordPress or Web, so the wide range will allow you to find the right hosting for the size of your site.

In addition to being able to host your sites, you will be helping the environment, something no less important, since it has an ISO 50001 certificate thanks to its sustainable energy consumption and the low generation of greenhouse gases generated by its servers throughout the world.

Reliable, secure and sustainable hosting, as well as economical.

8. NameHero

best hostings - namehero

Another of the most classic hosting that exists in the English market is NameHero .

Very affordable hosting options, starting at less than $5 per month to host any niche or site you have.

They migrate your site for free and have a very interesting support structure.

Like all native English services, you must use that language and manage your domains in the cPanel and administrator panel in English.

Without a doubt, its price, even with very powerful features, is its great weapon to compete in the market.

9. Google Cloud

best hostings - google cloud

Google Cloud is a set of cloud tools and services to manage all types of businesses, websites, applications, databases, among others.

Among the services is Google Cloud Hosting , which is used to host your websites on the American platform.

It has the guarantee of the Google company, so you will be sure that everything works and will remain online for all time, unless Google is founded, which would seem too strange.

It is ideal for managing sites, online applications and any other type of very large project.

The trust of having it on Google is what attracts users the most, but the price is also quite affordable, depending on the plan or type of hosting chosen.

For example, hosting a site on WordPress costs less than $15 per month.


best hostings - ionos

A historic IT solutions company based in the south of Germany and offering quality web hosting worldwide.

IONOS offers very affordable hosting, even for prices that start at $1 per month, which is crazy for those starting out.

Obviously, when better features are required, the price goes up, as do the features and requirements it offers.

Unmissable option for those who want to start with real hosting but at an almost free price.

11. Kinsta

best hostings - kinsta

With Kinsta you can host applications at a very low cost, from $7 onwards. You can also host databases and websites at prices ranging from $18 to $35 respectively.

As you can see, it is not the cheapest hosting, but it is extremely reputable and has thousands and thousands of sites and businesses hosted on its servers.

Its own CDN supported by Cloudflare allows your site to fly around the world.

Great hosting not only for websites but to have everything your company requires inside.

12. Nicalia

best hostings - nicalia

Perhaps not as renowned as other Spanish hostings, but really with great quality in the service and contracted features.

Nicalia is also a sustainable hosting that takes care of the environment, something that may not be so important for many, but that I consider very positive to improve the world in which we live.

Outside of that, the support in Spanish and online all day and every day of the year makes it one of the services with the best customer service in Spanish speaking.

In addition to shared hosting, they also offer dedicated, semi-dedicated and VPS servers.

What stands out is its SEO Hosting, which allows you to host up to 80 different domains in its most premium plan.

13. Hostinet

best hostings - hostinet

Although it is not the website with the best aesthetics on the market, it is one of the classic hosting with the cheapest prices to host your website.

Hostinet offers WordPress hosting from $2 per month and VPS servers from $4, they are usually a good initial combination for webmasters who want to start getting into the world of servers.

It also offers hosting for WooCommerce and Prestashop, so if you have an online store or want to create one, it can be your economical hosting so you don’t spend more.

14. Hostalia

best hostings - hostel

A classic Spanish hosting with a very low starting price as well.

For less than 1 euro you can host your website in Hostalia and start in the world of SEO with your first niche.

You can also buy the domain right there and kill two birds with one stone.

Domain prices for the first year are very cheap, even free, but the following year you do have to pay the corresponding price.

If you want to start and you have nothing at all, then take a look at Hostalia.

The best hosting should help your website rank higher

Web hosting is one of the most important factors for your page’s SEO; it should be fast and stable, as this directly impacts Core Web Vitals and the user experience.

Fast loading times

Fast loading times A fast website is crucial for retaining visitors and enhancing their experience. Google and other search engines prioritize such pages, influencing your search ranking.

Availability and uptime

Reliable hosting ensures your site’s constant availability, essential for user trust and positive perception in search engines, benefiting SEO.

Security Digital security is paramount

Good hosting defends your site against threats like viruses/malware. Search engines may penalize infected sites; early notification is necessary.

Flexibility and scalability

The best hosting services allow you to expand and adjust your plan as your site grows. Scalability ensures optimal performance and a good position in search results.

Technical support

Efficient technical support is key to solving issues and minimizing downtime. Quality hosting should offer 24/7 assistance for optimal site operation.

Server location False myth

A server doesn’t need to be in your country to be faster. More important are the network connection infrastructure, routing, and machine features.

Which hosting to choose?

Based on the performance and speed of page loading data comparison, Hostinger emerges as the top choice among hosting providers.

Firstly, Hostinger exhibits the lowest Time to First Byte (TTFB) with a time of 0.210s on the second run, while Sered hosting had a TTFB of 2.178s on its third run, representing a significant difference.

Moreover, Hostinger boasted the shortest time to initial rendering with a time of 0.900s on its second run, compared to Sered’s 3.000s on its first run. This indicates that Hostinger was quicker to start displaying page content in the browser, which can significantly enhance user experience.

Regarding overall page loading speed, Hostinger also stands out with the shortest total page load time, at 1.667s on its second run, compared to Sered’s total time of 4.014s on its third run.

In summary, Hostinger demonstrates superior overall performance in terms of page loading speed and server response times.