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Top 20 best free image banks

March 14, 2024

Do you go crazy every time you need photos or icons for your website, for your blog posts, for your social networks? You have come to the ideal place. ⭐

You are just a few lines away from discovering our TOP 20 particular free image banks that will make your life much easier.

The importance of images in online businesses

Looking for professional images that fit both the look and feel of your brand and the specific idea you want to convey is something really important.

And for this, having photo banks and icons is a must .

That because? LOOK, here are some good reasons to have good free image banks on hand :

  • Professional photographs on a website, advertisements, social networks, presentations or mobile applications are essential to gain consumer trust , encourage them to try your product and become a customer.
  • Images are a key piece in a content marketing strategy , since they always help improve visibility and retain the user on the website. Interesting, right?
  • In addition, they also contribute to improving the SEO of your blog if you include the necessary information (alt of the image with strategic keyword) and use descriptive names that also contain the keyword to be positioned.

The truth is that it can be a real headache when you don’t have access to good free or paid image banks, but of sufficient quality.

Don’t worry! If this is your case, today we will provide a solution. 😉

On the Internet there is a wide variety of royalty-free image banks for commercial use. 

Some are really interesting to be able to give free rein to your creativity without suffering, since they will save you a lot of time in your search.

Do you want to know what they are? We will recommend the best ones. But first, let’s quickly review some licensing concepts that you need to know in order to make good use of images.

Regarding the rights of use

When images are labeled “No intellectual property rights” it means that they are dedicated to the public domain, so they can be “copied, modified, distributed the work and made public communication, even for commercial purposes, without asking permission. ”

However, there are some images that, although free to use, require attribution Therefore, despite using free image banks, it is important to pay close attention to how we can use them and if we have to mention the author.

That being said, let’s get down to business! There goes our list of the best image banks. 

Free image banks (and free as the wind)

There are so many free image banks that sometimes choosing some is not an easy task either.

But, with this list, you will surely find the ideal one for your needs, you’ll see!

To choose them we have based ourselves on a combination of variety of images ➕ their quality ➕ ease of searching .

1. Unsplash

Free image banks without registration

Unsplash is one of the most popular choices due to the high level of photography it offers, and how “little posed and retouched” they are, while being very professional.

It is a bank of free images that is easy to use and has a good search engine, where you can filter by color or orientation, although not by categories.

2. Morguefile

Free image bank Morguefile

At Morguefile you will find unconventional photos among more than 13 million images, so you will have a choice.

What is true is that the level of professionalism in many images is not always as high as in other popular free image banks such as Unsplash or Pixaby .

It has a search engine, but it cannot be filtered by category.

3. Pexels

Pexels image bank

Pexels is a free image bank without registration. It is great because it has multiple filters where, in addition to categories, you can choose the color range, filter by photographer and select the most viewed photos.

In addition, it has videos for free use.

4. Negative space

Free image banks Negative space

Negative space offers you a wide variety of high resolution photos .

You can filter by categories.

And without a doubt, the differentiating aspect of these images is that, as the name says, they contain “negative space” in them.

5. Reshot

Reshot Free Images

For its part, Reshot is a high-quality free image bank without registration, which offers truly original images that will not leave you indifferent.

They are not typical! That’s something that’s cool to find that original photo that you have in mind… and being free, even more so.

6. Life of Pix

Free image banks Life of Pix

Life of Pix is ​​not only a bank of free images, but it also contains videos for free use.
In addition, you have multiple photographers to choose from high-quality images.

And although there is not as much variety as in other free image banks on this list, their quality is excellent .

7. Jeshoots

Free and free image banks Jeshots 

Jeshots is also a bank of free images of excellent quality, with its own and original photography .

All photos are taken by Jan Vašek, a single photographer, and can be filtered by category.

8. Burst

Burst is a Shopify resource that provides photos for entrepreneurs and startups .

Almost all of the photos are taken by the same company and the themes revolve around specific business niches.

If niches of this type are your thing, this is your ideal free image bank!

9. Picspree

free images

Part of Getty Images, Picspree offers a large selection of high-quality photos .

Plus, it’s very easy to use. You can easily search for images by categories or search engine.

10. Kaboom Pics

free images

Kaboom Pics has high resolution images and multiple filters .

To find your dream images, you can filter by color and orientation in their search engine, but not by categories.

The truth is that the variety of images is not the best, but the ones that exist are high and of quality.


Bank free images photos are excellent and high resolution as you just saw in this example image.

It is also easy to use, since it has a good search engine where you can filter by categories .

Of course, to use this image bank, you will need to register in advance.

12. Skitterphoto

Photos for free

With Skitterphoto you have access to a good variety of free-of-charge images.

All the photos in this free image bank are original and created by the owners of the company.

Free image banks on specific topics

In many of the image banks that we have just seen you will surely find good photos of topics as diverse as gastronomy, nature and vintage style …

But, surely if you go to a bank specialized in your niche you will have an easier time hitting the target. Don’t you think? We give you some examples:

13. Foodiesfeed

Food image banks

Foodiesfeed is a free image bank without registration and is very useful for Food Bloggers .

At the moment, it contains about 1500 food images contained in categories.

In addition, it has a search engine so that searching for the best foodie photos is a piece of cake.

14. Free Nature Stock

Bank of nature images

Are you looking for a good bank of free  nature-themed images? As is predictable from the name, Free Nature Stock , can be your best ally.

The website was created by Adrian Pelletier, the bank’s only photographer, who has been publishing a photo daily since 2015. So, there are a few!

15. New Old Stock

Old pictures

New Old Stock contains a large archive of royalty-free old photos . They are really beautiful photos that will surprise you.

This website does not contain a search engine nor can it be filtered by topic, so, in that sense, it is not the most practical image bank on the market.

Free image banks ideal for your designs

If what you really need is to find graphic resources to spice up your designs, you can choose from these banks:

16. Picography

Free image banks

In addition to photos, Picography has a wide variety of  icons and excellent quality images for your designs.

You can search by categories to find just what you have in mind.

17. Picjumbo

Also in Picjumbo you will find a bank of high-quality free images ideal for your designs.

You can use its search engine to filter by categories and refine your aim.

18. Pixabay

Banks of illustrations, vectors and photos

Pixabay is a free image bank without registration, which in addition to epic photographs has a wide variety of illustrations, vectors and more.

In this case, if you need it, you can also do your searches by category.

19. Freepik

Freepik is a very complete free image bank for designers, since in addition to photos, it contains multiple vectors , illustrations and PSDs .

If you choose it in its free version, keep in mind that you must attribute the author in the files you download.

20. The Noun Project

Bank free images

The Noun Project is a search engine for free icons for use in exchange for attribution, where you will find a wide variety of images of all types.


Images are essential both to attract the attention of your business’s target audience, as well as to visually convey the essence of your project and create a corporate identity .

So there is no doubt that if you want to achieve success you are going to need them… And now that you know where to find them, the path is smoother.

What did you think of our selection of free image banks ? Aren’t the example photos of each one cool? If you know other cool banks, tell us in comments.