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+15 Best link building tools (in 2024)

March 13, 2024

Link Building is one of the most important aspects when positioning a website and to do it well you will have to use the correct Link Building tools.

There are hundreds and hundreds of tools for this, however there are some that I think are wonderful for creating an external linking strategy and getting quality backlinks .

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting links that add to our site and not subtract.

To achieve them you will need different types of tools for external linking.

First of all, scraping tools to obtain contacts to do email outreach and exchange or get links directly. In addition to getting these leads, these tools have to be able to send automated emails to make the process much simpler and more efficient.

Secondly, you will need tools to analyze the value of a possible link and see if it is advisable to buy it or go for it or not.

Thirdly, there are tools to find links and others that can be used to buy them without spending almost any energy. They are also included of course.

That is why in this list you will find the best Link Building tools that will help you get quality links, even without having to pay for them.

Are you ready to meet them?

+15 best tools to get backlinks and improve external linking

The following list shows you tools to analyze backlinks, to know incoming links, to find them, to buy them and of course, to get them for free!


SnovIO is one of those essential tools in my link strategy.

With it I am able to find contacts through email with the people who manage sites and blogs from which I want to obtain a backlink.

To do this, has an extension for Chrome that is capable of telling me the emails of the people who work on that website.

I can later find out the person who works in each role in a company and thus contact the person who I think can help me the most in exchanging links.

In fact, I can also add these emails to a list and through automated mailings I can exchange messages to get those links that make me or my clients position themselves.

It is one of the best tools to generate leads, to make commercial agreements and for everything you can think of.

Very complete and really with a lot of potential.

Its price ranges from $33 per month onwards.

It’s worth every penny!

2. Mailshake


Mailshake is another of those bombs for email outreach that I personally like so much.

It allows you to automate the entire outreach campaign, and if done well, see how your site grows and grows in quality links.

With it you can find quality prospects, exchange emails, track your link campaigns and much more.

You will be able to get leads as if there were no tomorrow.

Yes indeed. It’s not that cheap either. It starts with almost $60 a month.

3. is another tool to get leads, and unlike and Mailshake it has 25 free monthly credits.

From its Chrome extension it will allow you to find the email addresses of those websites from which you want to ask for a link.

Obtaining the emails is quite easy.

hunterio nicheseo

Simply on the website that you want to analyze to obtain its link, you click on the extension and look at the emails it shows. By adding them to a list you can later export them or carry out the email campaign (integrating Gmail or something else) in the tool itself.

hunter io

4. Scrapebox

Scrapebox is a tool that has been helping SEOs around the world for many years.

It has a lifetime version that costs less than $100.

I have used it to find sites using footprints and using proxies.

Then obviously I analyze the results and see which sites work for my niches or not.


It has a countless number of functions, which Black Hat SEOs surely know much more about than I do.

I have also used it on occasion to post comments with links automatically.

A practice that is now quite obsolete.



Pitchbox is a platform specialized in Link Building.

Able to analyze, find and carry out campaigns to obtain links automatically.

It also has hundreds of integrations, which allow you to associate it with different types of tools that will help you in the process, such as Zapier and Slack.

As for SEO, it connects with all-in-one tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, Majestic, among others.

Pitchbox is one of those that offers the greatest potential for finding quality backlinks and tracking them.

6. Phantombuster


This tool is amazing for extracting emails from wherever you can imagine.

Phantombuster is capable of scraping Linkedin, Google Maps, Instagram, Facebook groups and more.

In addition, of course, it is capable of taking care of your entire outreach and cold email strategy automatically.

It is a tool to get links with enormous potential and that allows you to access emails from people who work managing websites or businesses important to your niche.

It has a free trial and then its cheapest subscription is $59.

7. Growwer


Growwer is one of the best link selling platforms available in the Hispanic market.

What I like most about this tool, in addition to its 100% personalized attention, is that you can request links in posts or content that is already ranking.

That is, you may be looking for a link to enhance your content on email marketing and in Growwer you find a website that has some content on the topic positioned and that in turn receives traffic…

You can request that a link be included right there, obtaining all the benefits that this entails.

Of course you can also offer your sites to sell links.

8. Publisuites

Home web Publisuites

Publisuites is one of the best-known and most used marketplaces by SEO professionals.

It is a platform that has been on the market for many years and we can assure that it is 100% reliable.

In Publisuites you can register as an advertiser to obtain content for your projects or as an editor to earn money by writing articles or selling sponsored posts.

That is, not only can you buy or sell links, but you can also hire writers to create your content.

You will find thousands of websites, newspapers and blogs to buy backlinks, since Publisuites has practically half a million users.

The prices are very varied because they depend on the wide offer they have.

Other marketplaces

Not only Growwer and Publisuites are good sites to get links quickly.

There are other marketplaces such as Linkatomic , Leolytics, Prensalink, etc.

The ideal would be for you to register for each one and be able to compare prices, find offers, and investigate which one works best for you.

9. Ahrefs

ahrefs get links

Ahrefs is a tool that every SEO knows, or at least should know.

Not only to get links, but also to analyze the competition, find keywords, track positions and see if your website is growing or not, among dozens of other possibilities.

As for getting backlinks, Ahrefs is great for seeing what links your direct competition has and you don’t.

In fact, you can use the Link Intersect feature and place your competition and instantly see which links they have and you don’t.

ahrefs link intersect

In this case I compared these 3 SEO blogs with mine and the results were the following: 1364 domains link to them as a whole and not to me.

This means that I can search for the valuable links I’m missing, go to and contact those sites.


You can also do a manual analysis of links from rival sites.

Another very interesting thing that works 100 points with Ahrefs is finding broken links that point to the competition or to ourselves.

We can request that they put it to us or try to negotiate them.

Link Building is almost like love and war.See: 

10.SE Ranking

It is ranking
This tool is one of my favorites today and with more and more functions that make it one of the best all-in-one SEO tools on the market.

With SE Ranking you can easily find links to replicate from your competition, using the new Backlink Gap Analyzer feature, which performs a similar function to Ahrefs’ Link Intersect.

You can also find links using the Backlink Checker function, which will tell you different information about the analyzed site such as:

  • Domain metrics
  • Referring domains
  • Incoming links
  • Number of dofollow/nofollow links
  • Evolution of them
  • Anchor text
  • Reference IPs
backlink ranking

Between many other things. As you can see, very complete.

11. DinoRANK


This tool recently added its external linking function, making it now one of the SEO tools with the best quality and price on the market.

DinoRANK is a very simple tool to use and at the same time allows you to extract valuable information to obtain links or replicate those of the competition.

dinorank link building

For just over 20 euros you can find out the competition’s links, their anchors, their main metrics and a lot of other data.

You will be able to replicate their links or find new sites to link to your website.

12. Semrush


If there is a tool to find competitor links or find broken links that can be transformed into valuable links and that can compete with Ahrefs, it is Semrush .

Surely among the Top 3 All in One SEO tools, it is perfect for finding links for your websites.

In the same way that Ahrfes does and with equally amazing crawlers, you will obtain all the information necessary to determine how to find sites from which to link and determine if they are good or not.

Through the Backlink Analytics, Backlink Audit, Link Building Tool and Bulk Analysis functions you can obtain all the information you need to find good potential backlinks.

semrush 2

13. Google

One of the most powerful tools for finding links is the Google search engine itself.


Because you will find organically (and through ads) sites that may be of interest to us to ask for or obtain backlinks.

Everything is born in Google, whatever the niche, it is the first place where we inspect the SERP’s to find the competition or niches similar to ours.

To find free links, you can also use the well-known footprints.


Footprints are commands that work great as a free backlink tool.

Through them you can find forums, blogs, related sites, profiles and all types of websites that allow us to obtain a link by creating it manually or simply purchasing or exchanging it.

The most common footprints are:

If you:

This footprint allows you to search for everything that is indexed about a website on Google.

You must indicate to see everything that this site has indexed in Google.


This footprint is used to search for URLs that contain a particular term, for example: inurl:agencia-seo.

The results:


This footprint searches within the contents for any term or phrase that you request.

Ex: intext: buy SEO links.

The use of quotes

Using quotes allows you to search for words or phrases verbatim on Google.

For example, if you want to find a post on NichoSEO that talks about buying quality links, what you have to do is the following: “buy quality links”. And ready!

footprint 2
The use of asterisks

The use of these symbols (*) will allow you, by adding them before or after your keyword in the search engine, to find keywords related to it.

For example: *buy links.

14. FatJoe

Home web Fatjoe

FatJoe is a tool that offers a wide range of SEO services. In recent years it has been gaining popularity thanks especially to its effectiveness in Link Building and Keyword Research.

It offers multiple SEO services, which allows us to have FatJoe teams to work on our projects, without having to look for independent workers for each task.

Your workspace is designed to maximize the efficiency of our projects through outsourcing.

Digital Marketing Services offered by FatJoe

They can help us in our Link Building through backlinks or increase our ROI thanks to presence in recognized content or media.

They can also help us in creating content for our blog, media or website. As well as in video production.

It is a very complete tool that can help us a lot in improving our brand image through our content or increasing the authority of our website.

The prices are high and although they produce content in Spanish, their work is clearly aimed at the English market.

15. Content and lead magnet

Content is still one of the best ways to get quality links for free.

In fact, I doubt there is any other tool more powerful for getting links than good content.

This also includes the lead magnet, that is, giving a free gift, whether it be a template, an ebook, a discount, or whatever.

This last type of content is usually shared by many people and a large number of incoming links are usually received to the landing page or website of the site that gives it away.

16. Twitter (current X)

Home website Twitter

Twitter is one of the social networks where there is the most interaction and presence of webmasters and SEOs. Therefore, it had to be included in this post.

How can Twitter help you get links?

There are many possibilities.

It is a community-based platform, so it is essential that ours can provide us with value in our projects.

There are plenty of nichers or SEOs who will be happy to buy, sell or simply exchange links with you. There will also be professionals or students who offer to help you with your projects.

If you provide value every day, many users will want to work with you.

To benefit from the possibilities of Twitter, it is essential to provide value and form an interesting community. With an account without posts or followers, it will be much more difficult.


Link Building or external linking is one of the most essential parts when it comes to getting links.

Not only is it necessary to find quality links, but using correct anchor text , a good position in the content, and the possibility of obtaining it without paying, are other aspects of utmost importance.

For this, Link Building tools are more than necessary, but almost essential.

These tools on the list will help you carry out correct outreach campaigns, first getting the prospects and then automating the mailing.

You can also analyze your competition and obtain their broken links or at least replicate their most powerful backlinks.

In fact, these tools will allow you to analyze the quality of a link or domain before purchasing it or going for it.

Without a doubt, if you have a budget and can buy them, Growwer or Publisuites will give you a huge hand in doing so. But we must keep in mind that these links may also be easily obtained by the competition.

Did you know all these tools for backlinks? What others do you recommend?