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Top 12 best project management tools

March 13, 2024

What is the day-to-day life of a Project Manager like ? What tools do you need? This professional figure has become one of the most in demand by companies. 

Since businesses begin to grow digitally, ways of working change and models based on project work are increasingly used, whose objective is to improve company results and team motivation. 

Discover more in this post where we talk about the best tools for the Project Manager.

The best 12 project management tools

#1. Wrike

The best tools for the Project Manager - wrike 1024x506

Wrike is a cloud-based project management and collaboration software available to all companies willing to pay a monthly amount for groups of 5 or more. If there are fewer users, Wrike is completely free. This tool can be integrated with other tools such as Google Apps, Microsoft Excel and Dropbox.

It is perfect for assigning tasks , times and project budgets. It allows you to view data and obtain real-time reports on all the team’s projects, helps simplify tasks, centralizes communication between project participants and helps manage and visualize team work.

#2Plan Project Management Software

The best tools for the Project Manager - project 1024x498

This tool offers three free work options. You can choose between 2-plan desktop, a project management software that can be downloaded to your computer, 2-Plan Team, an open source software that you can work with online, and Work Together, the online tool that offers a Scrum task board.

#3. Trello

The best tools for the Project Manager - trello 1024x497

Trello is a project management software with very easy communication features for users. With this tool you can add comments, attachments, due dates and organize tasks into different columns or groups according to their status.

#4. Active Collab

The best tools for the Project Manager - active collab 1024x487

This tool is one of the most recommended. It is a software that allows complete feedback between all participants. You can sort tasks by projects, assign participants to each task, dates, comments, and track individual activity. In addition, it can be connected with Gmail so that every morning the application keeps participants informed of the tasks they have left to do and those that have already been done.

#5. Bam Bam!

Bam Bam is a perfect tool for managing a large volume of projects at once since there is no limit to the number of jobs that can be developed in its free version, but its use is limited to 10 participants. The paid version starts when the number of users is greater. You have the ability to invite clients to projects to view task progress.

#6. Basecamp

The best tools for the Project Manager - basecamp 1024x470

Perhaps it is one of the most popular Project Management tools . It is very easy to use and in team and client collaborations. Among its most notable options is the ability to create multiple projects, generate comments on tasks, create pending work lists, create and share documents, and schedule tasks. One of its clear advantages is that it has a responsive design, so it can be viewed from a mobile phone.

#7. Zoho Projects

The best tools for the Project Manager - zoho 1024x518

Another highly recommended tool that allows you to manage large volumes of work. This tool keeps automated control of the tasks displayed, the times and automatically generates reports on them. You also have the option to comment and share documents among participants.

#8. Kanban Tool

The best tools for the Project Manager - kanban tool 1024x624

Kanban is a tool made to encourage collaboration between clients and team members. Its most notable options are to share tasks, information and comments and, like Zoho, it automatically prepares time and production reports.

#9. ProofHub

The best tools for the Project Manager - proof hub 1024x426

ProofHub is a collaborative project management software that includes project management features, collaborative dashboards, communication feed and time tracking, all in one platform. This tool will make it easier for teams to do their work in a more agile and direct way.

It is a solution that covers all your task management, project planning, communication and time tracking needs. ProofHub puts everything at your fingertips in one place, without complications.

#10. TeamWork Projects

The best tools for the Project Manager - team work 1024x546

It is perfect for working as a team and visualizing projects. Its main feature is that projects can be viewed through calendars, Gantt charts , and it allows you to work on files with Google Drive, Dropbox, and other tools.

#11. Asana

The best tools for the Project Manager - asana 1024x537

Asana is a perfect tool to quickly visualize the status of a specific task, it helps us define the next steps and notifies you to keep up to date with pending tasks.

In addition, it is one of the tools most used by work teams because it helps them achieve their objectives and be more productive.

#12. Microsoft Teams

The best tools for the Project Manager - microsoft teams 1024x499

Microsoft Teams is a very easy-to-use project management tool and its main strength is that it is designed so that teams can manage their chats, meetings, as well as easily share files, create group discussions and much more.

What are project management tools?

A good Project Manager always has to be attentive to the latest developments in tools to manage projects and teams. 

But what are these tools really? In this brief section we tell you what types of tools are classified into and what each one is used for. Normally, when talking about project management, it is done through two groups:

  • Reports, tables and documents that a Project Manager has to know to do his job.
  • Project management software, which includes functions to generate graphs and reports, share documents, track budgets, communicate within the team, etc.

Why use project management software?

No matter what type of business or team it is, today’s ways of working need to be modernized and apply agile methodologies such as Kanban , Lean or Design Thinking . 

For this reason, Project Managers need to have knowledge of the tools that exist on the market to use those that best suit their needs and the company’s objectives are achieved through project management or escalation.

Why train in Project Management?

As you have read at the beginning of the post, the salary of a Project Manager exceeds 40 thousand dollars per year. This is surely a compelling reason, as is the high demand for digital profiles in the labor market.

If you train in Project Management, you will have the possibility of climbing your professional career, accessing positions of responsibility and jobs in different parts of the world since it is a profile in demand internationally.