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50 Best SEO Tools: Updated List (2024)

March 13, 2024

There are thousands of SEO tools and services in the digital world. Many of them are worth it, many others are not.

Some are free, for others you have to pay.

Likewise, this post includes all the SEO tools that to this day can help you improve your organic positioning in search engines.

In short, this is a curated list of the best SEO tools on the market

Not all of them will work for your website and don’t feel committed to trying them all.

The idea of ​​this article is to save you time and give you all the tools that can help you optimize your business or venture website.

Do you want to know which SEO tools can make a difference?

Let’s get started!

What are SEO Tools and what are they for?

Before starting with the final list, I think it is important to point out the importance of these SEO tools.

Many of them are websites, others are applications, but they all have the same mission: to be a tool that allows you to know relevant data about your website and the rest of the pages in which you are interested.

To keep it neat, I have divided the article into a few categories. These are:

  • SEO Tool Suites
  • Technical SEO Tools
  • Keyword research tools
  • Position and keyword monitoring
  • Content Optimization
  • Chrome extensions for SEO
  • Other SEO tools

List of the best free and paid SEO tools (Updated 2023)

SEO suites fulfill all-terrain functions and are the most necessary SEO tools. They are SEO analysis tools at their finest.

Search for keywords, correct errors on your website, broken links, research competitors and improve your content, these tools have it all

If you purchase or pay for an SEO suite, you will be able to access most of the functions necessary to perform the task of a professional SEO consultant.

Most of these tools have a high cost but, if you want to learn SEO or are dedicated to it , they provide you with undeniable value.

Below I am going to name the most important SEO suites that exist.

1. SE Ranking

A tool that surprised me a lot because of its great way of presenting data in a different way.

SE Ranking is an SEO software that is in the cloud and provides 100% correct information about the positions of the keywords you are targeting.

It has a huge range of functionality that is worth knowing and has become one of my favorite tools for making SEO reports.

SE Ranking Powerful SEO Tool

It is ideal software for digital marketing and SEO agencies, SEO professionals and even for business owners who simply want to know how the positions of the keywords that interest them are and be able to follow them over time.

The best of all? Its price.

Taking into account the amount of functionalities that the tool offers, the current price of the economic plans can be seen as a gift.

Another thing I love about SE Ranking is that it has a trial version, and that, for those who are just learning about SEO, is essential.

2. Ahrefs

My favorite SEO suite and one of the best SEO tools out there.

Ahrefs gives you all the tools so you can analyze your website and those of your competitors in search of attracting the most traffic possible.

You can also monitor niches and keywords thanks to its Rank Tracker.

What I like most about this SEO tool is its dashboard and the way it organizes the data clearly. Furthermore, as I have verified, it has the most reliable data if we compare it, for example, with Semrush .

Favorite SEO tool Ahrefs

You can correct your broken links, investigate the profile of your competitors and perform an SEO audit to optimize your website. You will be able to analyze everything that has to do with your On Page SEO and coordinate your link building efforts.

In addition, more features such as analyzing viral content on social networks, a Chrome extension available and much more.

Ahrefs Price: I previously had a very used trial (in fact, I have bought it more than 10 times in the past) for just $7 for 7 days.

Unfortunately that is now behind us and now you have to spend a little more to be able to use it.

The most affordable plan after the trial is the Lite plan which costs 99 USD per month (unless you pay for it annually which reduces the cost). However, although it hurts to admit it, it is one of the most powerful analysis tools in the world of SEO positioning.

Note: They now have a free version of the tool as they have added Ahrefs Webmaster Tools .

3. Dinorank

Dinorank was born with the objective of being an accessible SEO tool for entrepreneurs and startups that are just starting out in web positioning.

What is its biggest difference with other tools on the market? Its price, which is considerably lower if we compare it with large companies like Ahrefs and Semrush.

Pricing de Dinorank

Dinorank competes in another category, and yet it manages to offer you the information you need.

In it you can:

  • Analyze the internal page rank of your site in order to distinguish authority pages on it.
  • Track keywords relevant to your business.
  • Audit On Page SEO.
  • Search for possible web cannibalizations.
  • Detect pages with “thin content”
  • Keyword search.

And several more things.

Dinorank Price

Dinorank Price: It currently costs 20.66 euros per month in its cheapest plan or you can save a few euros and pay a year in advance.

4. Semrush

Semrush defines itself as the all-in-one SEO tool for professional marketers.

Comparing Ahrefs vs Semrush we can say that they have practically the same functionalities.

Semrush also has to be said, not only does it take care of your SEO, it also takes care of your content strategy and even some aspects of social networks such as being able to schedule content.

It is another of the best SEO tools on the market.

Semrush vs Answer the Public

Semrush Price: The cheapest plan costs 119.95 USD per month.

You will also be able to see and search for viral content on social media, SEO audits, links and much more.

You may find that you like Semrush more than Ahrefs. It is a matter of taste and how comfortable it is for you to view the data from each of the platforms.

You can try the free Semrush trial with a 7-day money-back guarantee at this link .

5. Surfer SEO

Another of the tools that we use the most in our online marketing agency: Surfer SEO .

Keywords Everywhere may have become a paid tool but now a Chrome extension has come out that does what KE does for free. That’s Surfer SEO.

Surfer SEO

With this extension available for Chrome and Firefox, in the blink of an eye, every time you search for something on Google you will be able to obtain information on estimated keyword traffic and recommendations for similar keywords.

Using Surfer SEO

They are currently improving the database to reach more countries and thus become an essential tool for SEO analysis.

They will surely become very powerful if they continue working this way.

Honestly, Surfer SEO is one of the SEO tools that has generated the most impact from 2020 onwards.

You have to try it.

6. Mangools

Mangools is perhaps one of the friendliest SEO tools on the market, and with incredible potential.

The Mangools SEO Suite has 5 tools:

  • KWFinder : an impressively useful SEO tool widely used by several organic positioning professionals.
  • SERPChecker:  gives you all the necessary metrics about the SERP’S of a specific Google search. Very good tool to measure if it is worth going for certain keywords or if they are very competitive.
  • SERPWatcher:  It is used to monitor the SERP positions and informs you of the changes that have occurred on the first pages of Google according to the keyword you want.
  • LinkMiner – Allows you to easily see all the backlinks on a website.
  • SiteProfiler:  is a web tool that lets you see SEO insights, competitors and much more.
Suite Mangools

Mangools Price : The cost of Mangools Basic (the cheapest plan) is $30 per month.

7. Jasper

best seo tools of 2022

Is creating SEO content with artificial intelligence possible?

Yes it is. Jasper saves you the time of having to write content for SEO as his beautiful robot does it for you. I already wrote a complete review of Jasper that you can visit at this link.

One of the tools that I recommend the most!Note: Also 

in this link I give you 10,000 words of content so you can create blog posts and build niches more easily.

8. Escríbelo

Write it down is one of the tools that were love at first sight (try).

I have been a lover of AI tools for several years, as you may have noticed, and I have tried dozens and dozens of them.

When I tried Write It I realized right away that it is a game changer in content tools.

The only one so far with which I have been able to produce reliable and extensive SEO-optimized content in Spanish. Not even with Jasper I have achieved the content that I have achieved with Write it.

Another of the great advantages of this tool is that it avoids keyword stuffing, interprets search intentions and also connects to the network to be updated with the latest content and current trends.

Write it, unlike all content tools with artificial intelligence in Spanish, it has been trained by real SEOs, which means that it can create content of more than 1000 words and include keywords to increase the semantic prominence of any content. And all this with very few intrusions.

9. SEO Testing

SEO Testing is one of the best tools and the incredible thing about this is that very few SEOs are aware of it.

seo testing seo tool

The power of SEO Testing is special, since thanks to it you can carry out A/B SEO Tests to know if the changes you made to your site had good or bad results in a set period of time.

You also have a lot of interesting features.

10. Google Analytics

One of the best SEO and web analytics tools since it is not only useful for SEO.

Google Analytics - best SEO analytics tool

Google Analytics is one of the key pillars to improve the organic positioning of your website and to be able to draw important conclusions about the aspects that you should improve. You will be able to observe your organic traffic and your paid traffic.

Price: Free

Note: Google Analytics is key. It is very important that you never stop paying attention to the information it provides.

11. Serp stat

As far as SEO suites go,  Serpstat was one of the cheapest options on the market. Although its price has recently increased.

It is a tool that I currently have in my SEO Tools portfolio and from which I have taken a lot of advantage in the past, especially with its detailed link profile.

However, it has no point of comparison with Ahrefs. It is very inferior.

serpstats price

SerpStat Price : Plans range from $69 per month to $499 per month.

12. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is probably the best technical SEO tool because it gives you all the SEO metrics on a tray to correct and optimize a website.

Technical SEO refers to all the actions we can perform on a website to improve the way our website is indexed. For example, improving the content of our pages in every sense.

The better our technical SEO is, the better our web positioning will be in search engines.

Screaming Frog descargar software SEO

And without a doubt, one of the most used by organic positioning professionals.

Screaming Frog’s downloadable software shows  you in great detail each of the components of a specific website.

With Screaming Frog you can:

  • Find broken links and export those errors so they can be fixed.
  • Analyze ALL your page titles and their meta descriptions.
  • Discover each of the possible duplicate content, H1, H2 tags and find the low quality pages so you can remove them from your beautiful site.
  • Extract any type of information from HTML.
  • You can even generate your XML Sitemap
  • It allows integration with Google Analytics through its API to collect the data that this tool reviews daily such as sessions, your bounce rate, objectives, etc.
  • Visualize and evaluate the internal linking and URL architecture of your website.

SEO Spider Tool Price: The tool has its free version which only lets you crawl 500 URLs and contains limited options. The paid version of Screaming Frog currently costs £149 per year (something like $190, depending on when you read).

Today I can say that this is one of the best SEO tools to improve your web positioning.

Note: Pay close attention to the broken links that Screaming Frog points out. It is one of the weaknesses of every website. As your website scales, it will have more URL problems, that is, a greater number of broken links.

13. Google Search Console

Just as we said that Google Analytics is one of the pillars on which you have to base your SEO knowledge. Google Search Console is equally important to the success of your website and your organic traffic.

They are two fundamental SEO tools.

Search Console de Google

One of the most interesting things we can do in this SEO tool occurs when we go to “Search Traffic”—>”Search Analytics”.

In this section we can find a huge list of keywords for which your website is currently positioned on Google.

Maybe there are many keywords that you currently do not include in your content…

This is the perfect time to start doing it!

14. Nightwatch

Nightwatch  has become one of my favorite tools to strictly track my keywords.

Nightwatch bright mode

It is possibly one of the best tools on the market in this sense and has quite economical plans for tracking.

In addition to tracking you can do:

  • Link Tracking and Monitoring
  • Client reports that are ideal for agencies
  • SEO site audit
  • make notes

Nightwatch Price: From $39 per month. It also offers 14 days money back so you can try it for free .

15. Yoast SEO

The SEO tool for WordPress (before Rank Math appeared and stole its thunder).

Yoast SEO

If you already have a website and have installed this WordPress plugin, you already know what I mean.

Yoast is a Wordpress plugin that serves as a fundamental guide to create content that follows SEO guidelines.

It’s not good that you follow them to the letter!

However, sometimes it can be very helpful to check each of the tips that this plugin offers you.

The free version of Yoast is more than enough to help you with your website.

16. Rank Math

The Yoast alternative focused on helping you with the creation of your content for your website, but also with your redirections, sitemaps and more.

That’s Rank Math .


What I like about Rank Math is its initiation process with a detailed step-by-step of the things we must connect and optimize to ensure the success of our organic traffic.

17. Rougher

Growwer is a platform where you can buy links to do link building and boost the SEO authority of your website.

As I already mentioned in my Growwer review, this type of service can mean a significant boost for different SEO projects that require links at certain times.

What is growwer and how does it work?

As you will also see in that review I have done of the tool, I am not a fan of buying links but Growwer has made it easy for me when I have had to do it.

And that is what one looks for in the world of SEO

I recommend that you watch it and tell me.

18. GT Metrix

Essential for everyday life, this is GTMetrix .

Another free SEO tool. And another, one of those tools that gives you relevant data about the speed of a website.

GTMetrix de NichoSEO

Here we see a report of what has been analyzed about the speed of my website. Just by inserting the URL of the website you want you will already be using this tool.

GTMetrix and other websites that estimate loading speed usually give ratings to the website’s performance.

In this case we see that my website has a rating of 98% according to the PageSpeed ​​Score and 83% according to the YSlow Score We can also observe a loading time of 2 seconds, a web page size of 634 kb and that 41 requests are made to the server.

19. Sistrix

Sistrix is ​​a toolbox of useful tools for SEO.

Sistrix module

As we see in the image, it has a dashboard that offers a lot of relevant information.

Under the keywords category you can find ideas to target new keywords, and the rankings that each of the keywords currently occupy.

What I like most about Sistrix is ​​that it offers particular data that no other platform has in mind, such as the age of a domain and exclusive data about the ads on that website on Google (although they have nothing to do with SEO).

SEO reports

Another of my favorite features is the option to create customizable reports to present to different clients.

This may be essential if you manage or are part of an SEO agency.

Sistrix Price: Currently, it costs 100 euros per month and it seems excessive to me considering that Ahrefs is THE best SEO tool (at least for me) and costs 100 dollars per month in its cheapest version.

20. SEO PowerSuite

This tool, SEO PowerSuite is an SEO tool in SEO software format that you download and has 4 fundamental functionalities:

  • SEO SpyGlass: to perform audits.
  • Website Auditor: for SEO-on page optimization.
  • Rank Tracker: to follow the positions of your keywords according to the corresponding database.
  • LinkAssistant: Perhaps the most original tool, you can contact other websites to improve your link profile directly from the tool.
seo powersuite

It also includes all the things that an SEO needs: reports for reporting, technical audits, suggestions for content optimization, etc.

Its price?

SEO PowerSuite

It has a free plan but it does not allow you to save information or projects or export data.

It must also be recognized that the cost of the paid tool is not as high as other platforms that compete with SEO Powersuite.

21. PageSpeed Insights

Another of Google’s free tools: Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.

PageSpeed ​​allows you to know more data about the loading speed of your website.

ageSpeed Insights NichoSEO

Why do I say more data?

Because sometimes, all those who want to improve their SEO give a lot of priority to everything this website says. And I have already carried out several tests that show me that it is not a completely true tool.

Likewise, it must be taken into account to avoid possible major problems on our websites.

22. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

Ahrefs webmasters tools

AWT is a new free tool created by Ahrefs so you can access key information on your websites and correct SEO errors on your website to improve your traffic (such as checking your broken links).

23. SEO Crawl


SEOcrawl allows you to:

  • Manage your projects clearly, as it provides interesting metrics and graphs extracted from Google Search Console data.
  • Generate automated SEO reports.
  • Analyze changes in traffic and visibility of your keywords.
  • It also serves as a keyword tracker.
  • Helps find SEO cannibalizations.

24. Siteliner

Another of my favorites for its simplicity: Siteliner .


Thanks to Siteliner you can test the status of each of your URLs for free.

The most interesting thing about this tool is its duplicate content analysis,  specifically giving you:

  • What percentage of duplicate content is there on your website?
  • What percentage of “common” content is there?
  • And what % of unique quality content do you have?
  • SEO analysis included.

In my case, I have 3% duplicate content. And it gives you the option to see where said content is located so you can go and modify it.

25. Answer The Public

Answer The Public is perhaps one of the most original tools for searching for keywords.

In fact, it is one of the tools I used to create this post.

Answer The Public

As you will see Answer The Public gives you the results in the form of a mind map.

From each of the branches come suggestions of questions that users search for within the Google search engine.

In this case I used the keyword “SEO Tools”, however, for other more extensive topics it usually makes much more complete suggestions.

It is an SEO tool that has two free searches a day. If you want to perform more searches you will have to pay.

26. Knight

Rytr is another good artificial intelligence tool that you can add to your arsenal of SEO tools.


This tool has an affordable cost and is capable of generating up to 5,000 characters per month in its monthly plan, so you can try the tool and then see if you want to buy it.

Its interface is super intuitive and helps save time when generating original content, especially for niches.

27. Google Trends

Google Trends  is not necessarily a tool for searching for keywords, but it is a tool for studying them.

Google Trends

It is essential to be able to determine which keywords to pursue and what trends they will have over time.

It is an important platform if what we want is to find a profitable SEO niche.

28. Google Mobile Friendly

After having talked about Google Analytics, now it’s time to continue with another one from Google, Google Mobile-Friendly .

This free test offered by Google allows you to know if the search engine considers that your website is a responsive website adapted for mobile devices, that is, if it is Mobile Friendly.

Mobile Friendly

It may not be an exclusive SEO tool, but it is very useful for making a technical analysis of the state and situation of a certain web page.

29. Raven Tools

Raven  is one of the tools that I was considering purchasing for my digital marketing agency due to its beautiful dashboard capable of helping me with reporting my clients’ search results.

Raven Tools


Because it is especially focused on agencies, in order to be able to offer white label SEO reports.

With it you can do keyword tracking , SEO audits, keyword searches and perform an SEO analysis of your competitors.

Raven Tools Price: The most affordable plan at the moment costs $49 per month and includes 2 domains to analyze for two users with the possibility of checking the position of up to 1,500 URLs.

30. SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup  is a free SEO tool that, just by adding your URL and without registering, allows you to analyze the status of the URL you enter.

SEO Site Checker 1

Of course, the free version only allows you to check one URL per day. Otherwise you must pay.

In this case it gave me a result of 79/100 in my home URL.

Meta Title SEO Site Checker 2

Following this, it clarifies, point by point, some of the most common SEO errors and does an SEO analysis on whether you have passed these errors and if there is anything you can improve.

31. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a tool to search for keywords for FREE (with limitations).


This tool was completely free thanks to Neil Patel , one of the most respected SEO professionals (doubtful). Right now, the tool is paid.

It has perhaps one of the most SEO friendly panels/dashboards. Without registration and without having to pay absolutely anything.

It offers you studies on the competition of your keywords, ideas to add to your content and in the future it will analyze rankings and the best pages.

Ubersuggest price: $12 per month and other higher priced plans. Even today Neil is knocking it out of the park at lifetime prices ranging from $120 to $400.

32. Keyword Planner de Google

Google Keyword Planner is  one such tool for SEO and SEM i.e. for organic traffic and paid traffic.

Keyword Planner

This platform is located within Google Adwords.

El Keyword Planner te permite:

  • Get suggestions and search for keywords using a phrase, a website or a category to specify.
  • Segment by location and languages.
  • Get data on the relevance of keywords and their trends.

This tool is free, and had its best moments years ago. Nowadays, there are better free and much friendlier alternatives.

33. Also Asked

Also Asked is a new tool that appears as an alternative to Answer The Public.

Also Asked’s mission is to generate questions grouped around ideas so you can find more keywords and boost your content.

Alternative tool to answer the public

Through a central term, it establishes other questions to delve deeper into the matter and be able to visualize different ramifications that can lead to new unknowns for the user.

Specifically, they refer to the fact that they are not the same as Answer The Public.

Also Asked takes the data from the “People Also Asked” rich snippet , hence its name.

34. Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter is one of the best free SEO tools that returns results related to the keyword you add. Ideal for early keyword research.


There is another SEO tool that is equally important, I would say one of the best. It’s called Keywords Everywhere and it’s further up in the category of SEO-focused Google Chrome extensions. But without a doubt, it is one of the best tools for finding keywords.

PS: You will excuse me but I liked the previous interface of the tool much better.

35. Sitechecker Pro

Sitechecker is one of the best tools for tracking keywords, and one of the most reliable.

sitechecker track keywords

Likewise, in this tool you will not only be able to track your keywords, but also:

  • Find SEO errors that you must correct and these errors are differentiated according to their importance.
  • You will be able to monitor your backlinks.
  • Audit websites or clients.
  • Create reports to which you can add your branding.

And much more, a tool that is a pleasure to use as you can see in the image I have uploaded

Price: It has a 7-day free trial. Using them is worth it to see their potential.

36. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is the SEO extension that no one should be without.

It is available for both Chrome and Firefox. There are no excuses not to use it.

Update October 2019: Well, maybe now there are excuses. Keywords Everywhere has become a paid extension.

Keywords everywhere

Attention: Now this is a paid plugin, so you may have an excuse not to use it.

Every time we perform a search on YouTube, Google, Keyword Planner or analyze the search analytics within Search Console, it will give us information about the search volume for a certain keyword.

And even more importantly, it will give us suggestions and alternatives to said search with volume values ​​per month, CPC and competition.

Caution:  It is not worth being guided exclusively by these values, but it is undoubtedly useful to know some interesting information.

PRO Tip: Combine Keywords Everywhere with Keyword Shitter and you can get keywords that you need to cover.

37. Local Web Results

Local Web Results from Bright Local will let you see the SERP’s of a certain query in the country you choose (ideal for local SEO), this way you can do a great study of the search intention of the word in said country and the chances you have of ranking for that keyword.

local seo serp search engine

Oh, and it’s a free SEO tool.

38. Botify

Botify is an (expensive) option for crawling websites that provides detailed SEO analysis and, above all, provides actions you can do to improve the impact of your organic positioning.


This tool, Botify, is capable of evaluating your content, helping you improve your technical SEO, indirectly increasing your income and optimizing your SEO projects with detailed reports.

Botify Price:  It varies depending on the number of pages you want to go through the crawler and the log lines that have to go through the log analyzer.

39. Bright Local

Bright Local is a tool that allows you to know the reality of your websites through detailed SEO audits .

Bright Local

You can also find duplicate quotes or incorrect content found around the internet.

Bright Local Price: Ranging from $29 per month to $80. It has a free trial version. Also for $8 you can find the Just Reviews plan.

40. Bing Webmaster Tools

Not everything is Google. There are also other search engines, one of them is Bing, and it has its own alternative to Google’s version: Bing Webmaster Tools .

Bing Webmaster Tools

This tool provides you with valuable data on the clicks and impressions you get with your website, but it is also capable of giving you other extremely useful data.

Bing reports and data
  • Detailed metrics reports
  • SEO reports on things we need to improve (something Search Console doesn’t give you)
  • Keyword reports

Anyway, installing Bing Webmaster Tools is necessary. You can even now import Search Console information directly into the platform.

It must always be taken into account.

Note: In October 2020 it underwent a very interesting update and now gives you more information to optimize your website.

41. Deep Crawl

Deep Crawl , as its name suggests, does a complete analysis of your website.

Deep Crawl

You will be able to see the status of all your URLs and also know how many unique pages you have, what duplicate pages there are on your site, what URLs give errors and much more.

Deep Crawl Price: You can purchase your trial version for 2 weeks without having to enter a credit card.

42. Scrapebox

Scrapebox is the Swiss army knife of SEO, that’s how they define themselves.


The primary function of this software is to give you all the information related to certain searches on Google or other search engines.

And when I say all the information… it is all.

One of the reasons why SEOs use it the most, for example, is to collect lists of domains with which you can later contact using  email outreach tools,  for example.

There are endless things you can do in ScrapeBox:

  • Comment massively on blogs to gain no follow backlink (unnecessary but maybe you want to do it).
  • Search for information about competitors.
  • Find new keywords.
  • Get a list of domains for a certain search.

Scrapebox Price: It has a single price of $97 and is available for Windows and Mac. But, if you go to this link you will get the lifetime program for only $67

43. Whats My Serp

Whats My Serp is a free platform where you can add up to 25 keywords that you want to track their rankings.

Whats my serp

If you want more than 25 keywords you must pay monthly.

They sell themselves as the “most affordable rank tracker” that is, as the cheapest tracker.


One of the most used. Keywordtool stands out for offering a great variety of keywords so you can include in your articles.

They have no problem giving you all keyword suggestions for free, however if we want to see their volume, CPC, trend and competition we must pay.

The striking thing about is that you can search for keywords based on the search engine.

You can do keyword analysis on Bing, Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Amazon, eBay, and even Instagram and the App Stores.

45. Can I Rank

Can I Rank  provides interesting details about the organic positioning of a website.


Above all, it helps to understand the relationship between the home and the keyword to which said home points.

It gives you advice on how to improve your internal pages and makes comparative analyzes with the pages that have the best rankings according to a particular keyword.

As you see in the photo, it gives you details of your content, your authority, the optimization you can do and how social that URL is.

It also gives you a future vision of what your website can become and allows you to set priority goals.

Another advantage of Can I Rank is that it allows you to prepare IDEAL reports to show to your clients.

The cost of the SEO tool varies depending on your needs.

46. Link Patrol

Link Patrol is an SEO tool developed “with love” by the people at Search Engine Journal , one of the most respected websites on web positioning issues. It works like a WordPress plugin.

Link Patrol

It allows you to protect your website from spam links and eliminate keywords that can harm your SEO. It also monitors new incoming links and new keywords.

Link Patrol Price : It costs $50 (one-time) if you want to use it for a specific website and $100 if you want to buy licenses for up to 5 different sites.

47. True Ranker

TrueRanker is a new tracker optimized for the Hispanic market that also has an app available for the Play Store.


You add your project to this SEO tool and you can start monitoring the keywords you want.

It also contains:

  • Daily updates
  • Keyword suggestions for you to add to your tracking
  • The tool warns you of possible cannibalizations
  • Analyze important SEO factors
  • And much more

48. Audit SEO Template

With this template you can carry out SEO audits for clients and for your own niches.

SEO audit template download

It is the template that I currently use to manage SEO clients. It only exists in its free version.

49. Oncrawl

Oncrawl is a very good tool for performing SEO audits.

On Crawl

This tool is an SEO crawler that analyzes each part of your site to improve and monitor its indexing.

It allows you to control how Google sees each page on your website and create an SEO strategy that adjusts to the results.

Among other things, OnCrawl can analyze the quality of your content, monitor your internal link building , and warn you about content duplication.

According to them, it is an ideal tool for e-commerce sites, digital marketers, SEO agencies and SEO consultants.

The idea later is to be able to do a review of this SEO tool since it left me with good feelings.

50. Sheets for Marketers

In Sheets for Marketers you will find tons of Excel and Google Sheets resources.

Sheets for SEO and Marketing

It emerged with the mission that you can automate “boring” tasks and there are a multitude of templates for SEO.

51. SEO Scout

We also have SEO Scout.

SEOScout Freemium

New freemium tool to search for Answer The Public style keywords.

52. Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is another software that will help you measure the position of your keywords, perform analysis and create reports.

advanced web ranking tracker seo tools

It has a FREE trial in which you can test the platform. Removing this, prices are around $49 per month. Ideal for SEO agencies and monitoring clients’ keywords.

Conclusions of the best SEO tools

I hope these SEO tools to improve your web positioning have been helpful to you. I’m sure there will be some tool that you didn’t know about in this HUGE list of tools.

I am confident that this list will be useful for 2019, 2020 and all the years that follow.

Do you think there is any SEO tool missing that is worth adding to the list?

If so, don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments, I don’t want any to be missing!