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30 digital marketing tools you should try (2024)

March 13, 2024

There are TOO MANY digital marketing tools that are usually recommended by experts and/or entrepreneurs.

In this post I am going to give you the tools that have helped me achieve my goals.

I think that also one of the reasons why digital marketing experts recommend so many tools is because, from many of them, you can obtain interesting competitive advantages for your digital project or venture.


Because they offer different solutions for different people and for different businesses. In this case I am going to recommend those that have helped me personally (as an entrepreneur and founder of a digital marketing agency).

Some have a somewhat high price, others are free and others can be downloaded (I am not going to encourage the use of pirated tools, but sometimes… there is no other choice).

I wanted to make a list of the digital marketing tools for companies or entrepreneurs that I use the most in order to help those who have no idea how to get started.

Whether you are new to the world of marketing or not, these are necessary digital marketing tools.

I have also divided them into categories in order to make it much more organized.

I hope you like it and that any other recommendations you have to add, leave them in your comments so we can help each other! 🙂

List of digital marketing tools

Since there are so many tools for digital marketing, I liked the idea of ​​dividing this post into categories:

  • Content automation tools for social networks
  • SEO tools
  • Email Marketing Services
  • Content tools
  • Productivity tools
  • Google Tools
  • Design tools

Automators and content planners for social networks

Tools for social media marketing, digital marketing automation tools for social media, content programmers, programming tools…they have many names.

I believe that automating your social media is extremely important. First, because sometimes there are things that are highly recommended to automate, such as the articles that you create on your blogs.

Secondly, they are tools that allow us to save an immense amount of time, and you already know that productivity is one of my favorite things in this world.

On the other hand, we should not abuse automation.

I believe that we must continue to be as human as possible within social networks but at the same time we have to complement their use with digital marketing tools that allow us to achieve more in less time.

But don’t forget that the first thing is to consider a clear digital marketing strategy in steps.

1. Buffer


If we talk about tools for digital marketing we have to talk about Buffer.

Buffer is the tool we use to schedule and automate some of the agency’s publications.

It is also the only digital marketing tool I have used since the beginning of my online adventures.

It is one of the most complete marketing tools, and it recently added a feature that was missing in the market, being able to schedule directly on Instagram.

2. Metricool


Metricool is another one of those digital marketing tools that I tried as soon as it came out and I really liked what I saw.

I think the biggest advantage it has is that it combines social media programming with web analytics in a very visual way. Therefore, it turns out to be a very useful digital marketing tool in the day-to-day life of businesses.

3. Hootsuite


You could say that Hootsuite is the direct competition of Buffer and is another of the good digital marketing tools that exist for programming on social networks.

It has more than 16 million users and that makes it one of the favorites of people who use this type of digital marketing tools for network management.

I also prefer it to Buffer. It seems to me to be a more complete tool, more intuitive and with a better sense of what users want.

4. Socialbee

SocialBee | Social media management tool

Manage your social networks, schedule content and automate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and even Google My Business. Ideal for entrepreneurs, small businesses, marketers and SEO’s.

SocialBee |  Social media management tool

Finally a tool that you probably don’t know about. A tool that I have had the pleasure of knowing thanks to its appearance in Appsumo.

Socialbee is an extremely comprehensive social media planner.

best programmer in socialbee networks

Unlike Buffer, Socialbee can schedule your social networks more efficiently.

For example, to schedule in Buffer or Hootsuite you must schedule posts every certain time and renew them manually.

Thanks to Socialbee you will not have to renew them since the publications are automatically recycled and reused.

Simply this detail has saved me 4 times more time than when I used Buffer, and it can be said that this is one of my little marketing secrets.

Another tool is Hypefury , which although it is the king on Twitter as a platform for scheduling and managing profiles, it does not work on other social networks.

5. Storrito

What is storrito and how to program on Instagram

Storrito is a great application that I discovered thanks to Product Hunt, and it has a great function, being able to schedule stories on Instagram .

But not only can you program them, you can also edit them, add effects, movement and many other things!

The truth is, it has been a joy to be able to use it, and although today there are other tools in the world of digital marketing to program stories, it is still the one I use today.

If you have a digital marketing or SEO agency, it seems to me that it can be a powerful tool to do different things on Instagram and thus captivate your clients.

SEO Tools

The famous web positioning or SEO is usually one of those areas of marketing in which tools appear in abundance.

It is important not to waste a lot of time testing all the existing marketing tools and to dedicate more time to creating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Thousands of different solutions to increase the organic positioning of your website.

As this article is based solely on my personal experience, I am going to recommend the ones that I have tried and use. Especially for client projects.Likewise, if you want to know all 

the SEO tools, visit my ultra-detailed post on the best tools to position your website.

6. SE Ranking

SE Ranking

A very powerful SEO and digital marketing tool.

SE Ranking is a tool that not only offers all the functionalities that we as SEOs need every day, but is also a very useful digital marketing tool with multiple functions for editors, digital marketers in general and community managers.

You can perform SEO audits of your website, keyword reseach, competitor analysis, traffic analysis, on-page audits, keyword tracking and more.

You also have the possibility of programming on social networks.

Another of the most powerful points of SE Ranking is its price.

It must be the most complete tool in terms of quality-price ratio in the world of digital marketing.

7. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is the SEO tool par excellence. As simple as that. Also one of the best marketing tools that exist today.

It is the most complete tool to carry out keyword studies, analyze backlinks and discover interesting things about the competition. He also effectively tracks and monitors your keywords and has a blog that I am in love with. That is why I have included it among one of the digital marketing companies worth following.

Its main disadvantage is its high price. And when I say high, I mean very high. Previously I had a 7-day trial for $7 that was very good, but today it no longer exists.

What it does offer today is its free version Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, which if you haven’t tried it yet, you should run and do so. 

At least that’s what I do since we consider it to be a fixed expense that is not essential at the moment, at least until your website doesn’t warrant it.

Whether it is this digital marketing tool or another, it seems to me to have a too high price. However, they are successful with that price so it will probably continue to be that high. It’s part of your digital marketing strategy tooDo you want to know more about Ahrefs? I leave you 

8. DinoRANK


Another dedicated tool for SEO nichers, SEO consultants, copywriters and digital marketing professionals in general.

It is one of the cheapest tools on the market, and it has all the necessary functions to start as an SEO or to use it at a more professional level.

One of the most notable features of DinoRANK is TF*IDF, which allows you to create content that ranks yes or yes, following the recommendations that the tool offers you.

DinoRANK allows you to perform keyword research, position tracking, external link analysis, TF*IDF, and competitor analysis, among others, that will position your website.

All this makes it one of the best quality-price marketing and content marketing tools on the market.

Their prices start from just over 24 euros and you can do everything necessary to start positioning your niches.

9. SEMrush

semrush seo tool

Just as Hootsuite was the direct competition of Buffer, SEMRush is the same but for Ahrefs.

SEMrush is much more focused on the Spanish and Latin public, and that is why many experts recommend it over Ahrefs (plus they earn a commission for it).

Honestly, even though Ahrefs does not focus so much on making our work easier, I consider it the best SEO tool, not only because it seems extremely reliable to me but because of the results it has given me.

Among the positive points and always comparing it with Ahrefs, it can be said that SEMrush serves to compare and analyze data about your competitors more easily.

It also allows you to search for keywords, volumes, search trends and many other things that are essential for a good SEO tool.

SEMrush has other features more focused on digital marketing and social media that Ahrefs does not, but equally if you are looking for a tool just for SEO, I would choose Ahrefs.

Their keyword database is unmatched.

10. SerpStat

what is serpstat

Another digital marketing and SEO tool that I have discovered thanks to Appsumo.

Serpstat is a relatively inexpensive solution to analyze SEO positioning. The disadvantage with which it starts is that it does not include absolutely all the databases, only those of the most important countries are found.

However, I have noticed that it is a very efficient tool for analyzing the competition. It collects very good backlink data and allows you to save it.

I have already been getting the most out of it and it is a tool that I highly consider. Of course it falls short of others like Ahrefs, but that doesn’t mean it’s useless.

After trying so much these digital marketing and content marketing tools, one can draw one’s own conclusions and that has been mine regarding Serpstat.I also have a tutorial for this, one of the best digital marketing tools, you can click 

11. KW Finder

keyword finder

To finish with SEO tools I want to talk about KW Finder.

KW Finder focuses on long tail keywords and keyword difficulty. The other tools mentioned above also have this data but KW Finder does a more exhaustive analysis of the real possibilities of being able to position yourself for the keyword that interests you.

Plus, in my opinion, it has one of the most visual and intuitive software I’ve ever tried for SEO tools.

Much of the complexity that other SEO solutions offer is left aside by this tool. And this makes KW Finder a valid option for many marketers and bloggers who want to improve their rankings on Google.

12. Ubersuggest

ubersuggest neil patel

Ubersuggest is a tool to search for keywords that was initially free. It was bought by Neil Patel and he limited it quite a bit in this sense. Very useful for carrying out keyword research .

This website, acquired by one of my mentors in digital marketing, is a great tool to search for keyword ideas that may be important for your online inbound marketing content.

To carry out their keyword analysis, everyone always goes to Keyword Planner (better known as Google Keyword Planner), however it is not at all advisable to be guided only by that tool. You also have to collect data from other digital marketing tools.

Email Marketing Tools

As with SEO tools, email marketing tools exist in thousands.

However, there are some that clearly stand out above the rest. I am going to name you and give you details of the 2 best email marketing and email tools that I have used.

13. Doppler

Doppler Email Marketing is one of the leading platforms in Latin America for sending emails.

If I had to define Doppler in two simple things, I would say that first of all I was surprised by the human warmth of the team that makes up this company.

doppler email marketing

And it is something that I always repeat. These types of companies are the ones that really make their users fall in love with them. Doppler is an example of this.

Secondly, I found it to be one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use email tools I had ever used. Everything basic and necessary to segment and personalize the sending of your mailings or newsletters.

That is why it is the tool that I use today along with Mailerlite (before updating the post and many years ago it said MailChimp, but it is a tool that has disappointed me day after day).

I could talk about Doppler all day, they have always been able to respond to me with great enthusiasm and I am also fascinated by the fact that they really have great content for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

They have an academy full of quality content, they make many videos on their YouTube channel and they always hold interesting conferences or events (like the EMMS).

It is also a platform completely in Spanish. Can you ask for anything more?More about Doppler? I leave you 

14. ConvertKit


ConvertKit is an email marketing, marketing automation and digital marketing tool in a broader sense, which is especially good at something that every blogger surely needs: creating automated email campaigns in the form of courses.

Thanks to ConvertKit you have the possibility of creating mini courses for your subscribers. I think this is an extremely useful resource. These types of elements facilitate interaction with your audience and allow you to create unique experiences.

Another good feature of this tool is the use of pages optimized for conversion. It allows you to create landing pages in just a few minutes.

All of these advantages were particularly interesting to me and I think they have been a big reason for the platform’s success.

Despite this, I think it is essential to open up to other platforms and try new things. Tomorrow our business can have resounding success and we need to know other digital marketing tools, which perhaps can be more useful to our users.

Content tools

Digital marketing tools for content help us create posts of other viral ideas from other markets and also help us optimize our content to obtain the best positioning and impact results.

15. Buzzsumo


Buzzsumo is both a free and paid tool that has a very important objective: to help you find the most viral content on social networks. It is one of those marketing tools that is worth trying.

It is a website that has a great reach and that can be extremely useful for locating influencers, but above all, as I said before, so that you can find the content that is most shared and that you can replicate it to your business.

It is one of the many digital marketing tools that we usually use a lot in the digital marketing agency.

Many of the results it returns are in English, and incredibly many of the viral ideas that blogs written in English have used have not been used by the Spanish-speaking public, so that is pure gold.

Productivity tools

I have already talked in other posts about these digital marketing tools to be more productive. They are some of the digital marketing tools that I use the most and those that have made my life easier.

In this post I am simply going to highlight the 3 most important productive tools that I have today.

16. Trello

Trello is possibly one of the best digital marketing tools to organize your tasks and those of your work team.

trello platform

I have already talked about Trello on numerous occasions, even in everyday life, it is the tool that I most recommend, for whatever it may be. Projects, conferences, business, everything can be organized perfectly in Trello.

Its direct competitor is Asana, however, I have always found many differences between the two. Asana is more focused on work teams where you must assign tasks to each member, Trello is a more open platform, better designed (in my opinion) and simpler.

17. ScriptMe

ScriptMe Best Digital Marketing Tools

Another great tool that I have been using for a while now for my YouTube videos and those of my agency is ScriptMe .

ScriptMe is a tool with which you can transcribe your videos into more than 30 languages ​​and also generate subtitles automatically.

In my case, I mainly use it to transcribe videos to text with its YouTube Transcript Generator tool .


Because it allows me to include the transcription and subtitles in several languages, with this I not only benefit the accessibility of my videos, but also their reach.

If you want, you can try it for free and test this great tool to boost your content marketing.

18. Dropbox


Surely you know Dropbox or have heard about it.

Trello will win the award for my favorite digital marketing tool for productivity, but without a doubt Dropbox wins the award for the tool that has given me the most productive income.

Because? Because I use it constantly. What’s more, all my files and documents are in the Dropbox cloud. This way I can work on more than one computer at the same time without having to transfer files from one PC to the other.

19. SendPulse


SendPulse is a marketing automation platform for sending emails where you can combine several marketing channels :          

  • Emails (transactional and promotional): It has its own email editor with great functionality.
  • Web push  notifications  and SMS: inform your customers about news, offers, order status or other important events.
  • Messaging: create chatbots  on different social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp,  Viber  and  Telegram.

20. Google Drive

google drive

Drive ( Google ‘s free tool) has earned my respect for its simplicity and is a great add-on to Dropbox.

Sharing files, documents, images and videos has never been easier. If you have a team

Google Tools

These are the tools that everyone puts on their list of “The Best Digital Marketing Tools”, they are the most popular and surely the most used by all of us. In addition, they are free and are offered by Google.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m trying to make this list of digital marketing tools totally unique. I hope that so far you’ve discovered more than one tool that can be of help to you.

21. Google Analytics

analytics google

What is Google Analytics ?

Google Analytics the most complete analytical tool that exists. Not only because of the amount of data it offers but because we know that the information is completely reliable (because it is from Google, and in Google We Trust).

It is also a tool that is not very easy to master and even more so because Google Analytics Universal gave way to Google Analytics 4 in July 2023.

We can create custom panels so that all this data on a web page does not take us hours of analysis.

When we talk about web analytics we have to be clear that we use it to measure something, we must be clear what that something is and what it will be used to measure (generally, for decision making).

With Google Search Console they make the best duo of tools.

22. Google Search Console

Search Console de Google

If you have a website you will know the importance of Google Search Console (or as its previous name Webmaster Tools).

Search Console allows us to do an interesting analysis of the positioning of our page and also allows us to detect errors, analyze which keywords we are positioning for and many other things about our website.

Unlike Google Analytics, Google Search Console will only allow us to measure the organic impact on the search engine and not know details of various traffic channels or measure conversions like Analytics.

In my case I have Google Search Console on all my websites.

23. Google Trends

new google trends design

Possibly the simplest tool to use on this entire list. You just have to enter the keyword you want to analyze within Google Trends and that’s it!

Google Trends, as its name indicates, allows us to locate current trends and possible future trends.

By simply entering a keyword that you want to analyze, Google Trends is able to give you a timeline of the search trend and interest that said word generates in online searches.

If you are looking for ideas for inbound marketing, I see no better ally than Google Trends.

Imagine all the potential it has in the world of digital marketing and content marketing, undoubtedly essential in my arsenal.

It was one of the digital marketing tools that I recommended in the post about the competitive advantages of an online company.

Design tools

Having good design tools is essential for today’s digital marketing.

Personally, I started using Photoshop (to make “heavy” designs) and Canva to make easy and simple designs.

As time went by, I realized that there are a multitude of other applications that have different approaches, and that could have saved me a lot of time.

One of the most common problems is the quality of the images, it stopped being a problem when I started using Adobe Illustrator.

Another problem arose when I had the need to layout things neat and orderly, this problem disappeared when I started learning about Adobe Indesign.

Below I am going to give you more information about each of these digital marketing tools for design.

24. Adobe Photoshop

Surely one of the best-known tools worldwide for editing images and photos.

There is no need to talk about everything we can create with Photoshop . It is the most complete editor.

Many people turn to easier-to-use tools because they have no intention of learning how to use Photoshop. I went through the same thing.

I must admit that learning to use it is worth it. Not only if you need to make posts on social networks or if you have to do something specific. It can be used for anything and it is better to learn how to use it now than in a few years.

25. Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator allows you to work with vector images in EPS and AI formats.

It is the ideal tool for creating images for websites since the vector shapes do not lose quality or become pixelated even if you enlarge them. 

For example, it is the perfect digital marketing tool to create images for blogs or to create infographics.

Ideal for creating landing page mockups too.

26. Adobe InDesign

Sometimes I had the need to create even more complex documents than with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Adobe InDesign allows you to design digital magazines, ebooks and other documents in the most professional way possible.

The layout of digital projects is not simple, you have to have rules that clearly indicate how far you can place a piece of text or an image since you want it to be as visually attractive as possible. Keeping everything neat is very important for this type of files.

This is easy to achieve with InDesign.

27. Canva


Canva  is another of the world-famous platforms as it allows you to create designs and graphics very easily.

It has an interface that you will surely master in a few minutes. The factor that makes Canva so popular is the quality of its content and its different variants

It also allows you to find free images and designs to add to your main landing pages.

We simply have to choose what we want to create and Canva will give us the document ready to be modified.

Reporting tools

If you have clients and are in charge of digital marketing, you must generate reports for them. Maybe some clients want to know how they are doing on social media and if the actions you or your team took were positive for the brand or company.

You can perfectly get data from Metricool, Google Analytics and even Search Console, but if you want more professional solutions (although much more expensive) you can opt for these digital marketing and analytics tools:

28. LocoWise

what is locowise

LocoWise is a very, very interesting tool.

It allows you to know which content works on a brand’s social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube) and which does not.

You can analyze any type of data: interactions, reach, clicks, top posts, whatever.

Here is an example of the feelings that this application can capture about your brand’s publications:

feelings in locowise

Its negative point is its cost.

locowise prices

But we can always use its trial or trial version.

29. Brand24

what is brand24

Same case as Locowise in the sense that it is a paid tool from which we can take advantage of its trial version.

It’s also worth mentioning that it has a much more affordable price than Locowise.

Brand24 is a marketing tool that has been talked about a lot and that works very well with its marketing and remarketing on the networks.

The main feature of Brand24 is its focus on monitoring what is being said about your brand. You have exclusive access to mentions of your company online and can make decisions based on it. 

The best thing about this type of digital marketing tools is that it allows you to export the data and thus impress your e-commerce customers.

30. Sproutsocial

Sproutsocial is (as they describe themselves) advanced social media software.

sproutsocial tool

Also, and like all the monitoring tools mentioned above, it is a paid tool that has a free version.


I have named just some of all the digital advertising tools that exist in the world of marketing.

These are all current digital marketing tools. Marketing tools made for professional marketers (as they would say in Mexico).

I know, it’s a lot of information to process…

My most important recommendation is to not lose focus and work hard.

Focus on the digital marketing tools that will really help you and try to ignore the ones that raise doubts.

I say this because many times I have wasted too much time researching digital marketing, email or SEO tools, and time is finite, we have to take advantage of it on more important things, such as the content of your project.

Try to prioritize your landing pages and make them visually attractive, before getting involved in the wide world of tools.

There you can choose any tool to send traffic to your main landing pages.

I also hope that even one of these tools has been useful to you and can be useful for the future management of your social networks and your website.

I will add or remove digital marketing tools from this article to make it as complete and updated as possible.

Don’t forget to leave a comment with your favorite online marketing tool!