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Top 10 best digital tools to automate your business

March 16, 2024

Do you want your company to be more efficient, productive, report higher income all while growing exponentially? Many of the organizations that achieve this use digital tools to automate their business.

These organizations know that to innovate and fully immerse themselves in digital transformation, it is essential to delegate repetitive tasks from different departments to automation tools.

In this way, your teams can invest more energy, time and resources in more strategic activities that generate greater value for the company. In addition to reducing the errors that usually appear when these operations are carried out manually.

10 tools to automate your business

Now, what are the best tools to automate your company ? 

Currently there is a fairly diverse offering of a large number of software, programs and automation platforms. The list would be endless, but we have chosen some tools that we consider useful to begin automating your business processes . Come on!

#1. Hootsuite 

Do you want to know if your social media strategy is performing well on your social networks? It is no secret to anyone that planning posts for each of our social networks must be similar but prepared for each type of social network. For this reason, Hootsuite incorporates analytics metrics and reports to know if your efforts are working. 

Currently, more than 18 million users trust Hootsuite as a tool to automate their social networks. This platform allows you to schedule posts on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and more from one place.

With this automation tool   you will be able to manage all of your company’s social media, obtaining a global vision of what happens in each one. You can also respond to comments, messages and mentions from your followers easily with a single click. 

#2. WorkProject, will help automate your business

Do you need to organize and preview the investment or cost of your projects to make adjustments? Work Project allows you to analyze your budget or cost in an organized way. 

It is a project manager that automates your plans by recording all digital activity while filtering your workers by areas and tasks. It is a very complete tool for organizing teamwork.  

#3. Bizneo HR

Are you interested in having ease in the management and selection of human resources? With this tool it is possible to automate your selection process and customer service within the company. 

Thanks to Bizneo you can use this intuitive digital tool, with signing detection, access to all your information from anywhere. 

Among its features it has a portal to request vacations, absences, evaluate performances, share documentation and provide a company organization chart.

#4. Hubspot will help automate your business in different areas

Would you like to automate communication with your potential clients? With Hubspot you can also create workflows based on your contacts, to provide better service and save time with predetermined templates or create your own messages from scratch.  

Hubspot is a software specialized in the area of ​​marketing and sales with the purpose of boosting the growth of your company. Its functions will make it possible to develop effective marketing campaigns using inbound methodology. 

Within its suite you will find tools that will improve your business processes such as email marketing, marketing automation, contact management, prospecting tools and lead scoring .

The best thing about Hubspot as marketing software is that you can incorporate your social networks and organize your posts in one place. This way your team saves a lot of time instead of alternating the use of different platforms for each activity!

#5. Trello

Do you know that you need order to focus project management? Trello allows you to manage your projects by organizing your business actions with lists, boards or cards to fill them with activities to carry out and achieve your objectives within time. 

In addition, you can include your team members so that they can share their progress together and share documents or resources at a glance.

#6. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the favorite automation tools for sending mass emails or email marketing, without running the risk of falling into the spam folder.

Your messages and emails will be automated with Mailchimp. Likewise, it has a simple and quick platform to learn to use. 

#7. Zapier is a great tool to automate your business

Zapier is everyone’s friend on the Internet thanks to the fact that it unifies all the websites you use and is responsible for automating the company’s web applications. You can create support requests better known as “Zaps” and automate the management of tasks that require the same process. 

It also has an easy-to-understand platform, since the interface guides you, by having all the tools in one place you can even connect your ERP application with Google Spreadsheets and continue with your work.

#8. Autopilot 

In Autopilot you can automate common tasks to educate new team members, assign leads, book appointments, and follow up with clients in an automated way.

Likewise, you can also manage the flow of communication and send emails with unlimited entertaining content newsletters to a certain number of contacts.

#9. Marketo Engage

Marketo is one of Adobe ‘s daughter tools . It offers process automation with which the marketing area belonging to your company can work in an automated way in its strategy cycles. 

With this tool you can establish permanent relationships with customers through contacts such as marketing campaigns, landing pages, surveys, custom-made strategies, etc. 

You can also get help in marketing automation and streamline your sales process to attract customers who are more interested in your brand.  

#10. Zerys to optimize your business

Zerys is a tool for digital content marketing with which you can store all your company’s information in a single web space. It also highlights among its characteristics that it provides support to elevate portals such as blogs and have good positioning. 


In conclusion, these are just a few of the many great digital tools that can help you automate your business. With so many options available, it’s important to do your research and find the tools that are right for your specific needs. By automating your business, you can save time and money, improve efficiency, and focus on growing your business.