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DinoBRAIN: AI to create SEO content in 2024

March 24, 2024

Are you considering using DinoBRAIN but you are not sure if it is the right tool for you? Is it really possible to create quality SEO content with just one click?

Let’s find out!

Artificial intelligence has arrived to revolutionize the world of SEO. This year we have experienced the emergence and consolidation of multiple artificial intelligences and it is normal for us to have doubts when choosing which AI to use or test.

For this we have created IAmalist, whose objective is to provide the most complete and relevant current information on the best artificial intelligence tools and DinoBRAIN is one of them.

In this article we are going to do a detailed review of DinoBRAIN.

Join us!

What is DinoBRAIN?

DinoBRAIN is a revolutionary artificial intelligence tool developed and integrated into DinoRANK . Its greatest point of value is that it generates optimized content ready to position on Google quickly and easily, without the need for specific instructions or prompts.

Unlike other similar tools, DinoBRAIN has been programmed with an intermediate layer of SEO training to guarantee the generation of original, long, updated and SEO-optimized texts.

Thanks to advanced algorithms and TF*IDF analysis, it collects information from Google in real time and immediately generates attractive texts for search engines.

The option to generate original images for each content has recently been incorporated.

You want to know more?

6 Advantages of DinoBRAIN: Why it can be the best AI for creating SEO content in 2024?

Based on our experience working with DinoBRAIN, we can affirm that these are the main advantages that we are going to benefit from using this tool.

1. Quick and easy generation of SEO optimized content

One of the most laborious tasks in the world of SEO is writing articles with optimized content. I can’t count the number of times I’ve suffered from blank slate syndrome.

Luckily, I now have the support of DinoBRAIN, which quickly and easily helps us in the process of creating search engine optimized content.

With just one click, this tool uses advanced algorithms to create texts that meet the metrics to obtain positioning on Google.

In the next section we will show how intuitive its interface is.

2. Google real-time information collection

Another aspect of DinoBRAIN that I love is its ability to get real-time insights into the results Google is showing for a specific keyword.

Nowadays everything evolves at a frenetic pace, so it is essential to be as updated as possible and DinoBRAIN is. This is thanks to the integration of DinoRANK and TF*IDF analysis, which allows obtaining 100% updated information, in addition to identifying the most relevant keywords to generate optimized texts.

3. Long and attractive texts for search engines

The length and quality of the texts are usually reasons for doubt in some users when choosing the tools they are going to use in creating content.

With DinoBRAIN we forget about these problems, as it generates complete texts, with the perfect length, which can exceed 2000 words, based on the information provided by Google for the selected keyword.

This extension meets SEO requirements and ensures that the content is attractive to search engines.

4. Integration of original images in the texts

DinoBRAIN, in addition to text generation, offers the possibility of integrating original images into the created content. This adds additional value to the generated texts and makes them more visually attractive, which significantly improves the user experience.

The negative aspect of this point is that we cannot give any indication for the images: DinoBRAIN provides us with the image that it considers suitable for each content and based on our experience, they are appropriate.

Image generated by DinoBRAIN AI
This image is generated by DinoBRAIN.

5. Saving time and effort in creating content

Using DinoBRAIN to generate content offers great advantages, especially in terms of saving time and effort.

DinoBRAIN does not require specific instructions from the user, as it generates the optimal prompt based on the entered keyword and Google results, which speeds up the content creation process.

In addition, it allows you to generate dozens of texts simultaneously in the background.

This gives us the possibility of saving time to invest in other tasks, improving efficiency in generating content for websites and online stores.

Example of mass content creation in DinoBRAIN
In this image we can see how the creation of bulk content works.

6. Original texts and headings that arouse interest

The texts generated by DinoBRAIN not only meet the optimal conditions to be positioned by search engines, but also provide content that arouses interest in the reader, causing the desire to continue reading, which is essential when publishing any text on the Internet. .

If a heading catches the user’s attention, they will read it, if not, they will hardly do so.

We must make texts to satisfy the needs of users and not only focus on meeting SEO parameters.

How is DinoBRAIN used?

In this section we are going to show how to use DinoBRAIN so that you can see its interface and see how it really works.

DinoBRAIN interface
DinoBRAIN has a very intuitive interface that is very easy to work with.

Thanks to the advanced algorithms it uses, it only asks us to enter the keyword to generate the content we want to position.

We can also see the “Include images” box.

If we want to add illustrations, DinoBRAIN will provide us with 4 images generated by artificial intelligence.

Although, we warn that it is not possible to give instructions to this AI so that the images have the characteristics that we request.

Once we press “create text”, we will have to wait a few seconds to obtain the content we are looking to position.

DinoBRAIN plans and pricing

DinoBRAIN is integrated into DinoRANK and cannot be contracted independently.

The amount of content generated with DinoBRAIN will depend on the plan you subscribe to at DinoRANK.

DinoBRAIN plans and pricing
The prices in the image are those corresponding to the monthly contract. If we get the annual plans, we can save up to 20%.

If we find ourselves at a point where we need to create content massively and we have exhausted what our plan provides, we can purchase the amount we want or the packs that DinoBRAIN offers us.

The amounts are very low in relation to quality-price. A pack of 10 costs €9.50, while a pack of 100 costs €80.01. You can purchase the exact quantity for €0.99/unit.

The 2 Main Alternatives to DinoBRAIN: Which is Better?

In this section we have selected the 2 main alternatives to DinoBRAIN, but if you want to obtain information about more possibilities we leave you the NichoSEO article: 9 best artificial intelligence tools to create content (2024).


Since its launch, Jasper has positioned itself as one of the most used and recognized tools in the field of artificial intelligence applied to the creation of digital content.

Home by Jasper AI
Home by Jasper AI

Currently its main focus is on the English market, which is a negative aspect because the longer contents are not as precise as those offered by DinoBRAIN.

Although with this we do not mean that Jasper does not work in Spanish, since he defends himself at a good level.

Jasper offers numerous advantages that make it one of the best AIs that we can use in our projects:

  • 100% original and SEO optimized content
  • Wide variety of features, templates, writing styles and images created custom with AI
  • Personalization and adaptation to the brand voice
  • Speed ​​and efficiency in content creation
  • Active community and quality support

The price of Jasper starts at €45 per month, slightly cheaper than DinoBRAIN, but it lacks some functions that are available in the latter tool, such as DinoRANK.

Here you can read a complete review of Jasper AI.

#2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the artificial tool par excellence. If we did a survey of the entire population asking about an AI, surely the most popular would be ChatGPT, but is it the best AI for writing SEO content?

What is ChatGPT?
This is the ChatGPT interface

If you are looking for a free and versatile tool, ChatGPT may be the ideal option for you.

Its ability to generate content from specific prompts and improve copywriting makes it a powerful ally.

However, if you are willing to invest in a more specialized SEO tool, DinoBRAIN may be a better option.

The free version, ChatGPT-3.5, does not have internet access and although ChatGPT-4 does, we consider that when it comes to providing us with content to position ourselves on Google today, DinoBRAIN is superior.

The choice between ChatGPT and DinoBRAIN will depend on your needs, preferences and budget.

Both tools offer significant advantages and can help you improve your content strategy and search engine positioning.

Explore its features and functionalities to find the option that best suits your objectives and requirements.

In this article you can learn more about ChatGPT.

Conclusion. Is DinoBRAIN worth it?

To assess the profitability of DinoBRAIN, we must take into account that it is a tool integrated into the DinoRANK software.

Focusing on DinoBRAIN, it stands out for its quality when generating extensive texts, including images and being able to provide information in real time.

In my opinion, it is a tool that helps us a lot to create content in a very agile way.

Although like all artificial intelligences, it requires a human factor.

For this reason, we recommend not publishing texts without giving a personal touch. Although DinoBRAIN provides us with very complete content, it is always advisable to incorporate certain conclusions or particular nuances, text formats, internal and external links and specific images that fit with the content.

And now, is DinoBRAIN worth it?

It is one of the most complete content creation tools on the market: it generates optimized, complete content, with current information and ready to position on Google. And it also has a very intuitive interface! It does not ask us for specific instructions that can cause us to spend a lot of time. It accompanies the text with an image if we require it and has the ability to create texts for different keywords simultaneously.

Without further ado: YES, IT’S WORTH IT.

It is a very complete tool that also allows us to benefit from the All in One SEO suite that is DinoRANK.

I hope you find this content useful and decide to try DinoBRAIN, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

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