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9 Best FREE Artificial Intelligence Tools

March 24, 2024

The rise of AI is being brutal and although many people think that it is not accessible to everyone, luckily that is not the case. In this article we are going to highlight the best free Artificial Intelligence tools.

If you are an entrepreneur and are looking for different tools to increase the quality of your work and also streamline processes, this is your article.

There are many free artificial intelligence tools that can help you in your daily life.

In my case, I can guarantee that I have obtained a lot of income thanks to AI and based on my experience, I am going to show you the 9 free artificial intelligence tools that have helped me the most in my projects.

Discover them!

List of 9 Free Artificial Intelligence Tools

We have all heard the words “artificial intelligence” or “ChatGPT” thousands of times, but here we go further and show you the best AI tools that we can use without paying anything.

#1. ChatGPT

What is ChatGPT?

We couldn’t start with another one!

Although we have said that we are going further, the artificial intelligence best known to everyone had to top the list.

ChatGPT is a chat system developed by OpenAI that has the ability to maintain conversations and answer questions accurately and consistently in multiple languages.

With the free version of ChatGPT we can ask the tool any question without strict restrictions on characters, prompts or minutes of use.

It helps me a lot in creating texts for social networks and copy for campaigns.

Once we train the tool, it greatly speeds up future processes and gives us more precise answers.

Advantages of ChatGPT

✅ Answer all types of questions with consistency and accuracy.

✅ Save a lot of time and money.

✅ It has learning capacity, if we teach ChatGPT, it will help us with answers adapted to our projects.

✅ Generates a human conversational tone, which leads to a great user experience.

✅ It is capable of understanding your query and answering it in more than 50 languages, including Spanish.

✅ He is an expert in many topics: programming, cybersecurity, customer service, general knowledge…

✅ Its free version is very complete and has no time limitations for use.

#2. Copilot

Copilot in Microsoft Edge

Copilot , formerly known as Bing Chat, is an artificial intelligence tool built into Microsoft Edge.

That is, to test it we must use this browser.

Copilot aims to help us search for information in a different and exclusive way, but in addition, these are the functionalities that it stands out for:

Creating images with DALL-E 3

Thanks to DALL-E 3 technology, Copilot can generate images to our liking.

To test this functionality I have asked Copilot the following:

«Create an illustration of a family studying on the beach. Includes a dog and a cat.

These are the 4 results:

Images generated by DALL-E 3

Not bad, right?

It’s a quick and effective way to get images for presentations, publications and more.

Web page summaries

Have you ever had to read a long article and had a hard time finding the information you needed?

Well, now thanks to this tool, you can do it quickly and effectively.

With Copilot you can get a summary of the web pages you want.

It’s a great way to save time.

Correction of texts and suggestions

When we create content, such as this article, we always have to review the text to make sure there are no spelling errors, repeated words, lack of coherence in some points, etc.

Copilot can help us with all this.

If we ask you to correct a text and give us suggestions, we will obtain very useful advice that will surely help us.

#3. Bard

Bard interface

Bard is the AI ​​tool developed by Google.

It is currently in the experimental phase, but it will surely soon become one of the artificial intelligences to take into account. They claim it has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with technology.

It is similar to ChatGPT, but as differential aspects, it has the ability to read images, understand questions issued by voice and respond with information in real time.

To be honest, it is not the most powerful tool today, but I like to use it and keep an eye on its evolution because it looks very good for the future.

What is Bard for?

It is a chatbot similar to ChatGPT that can help us:

✅ Generate different text formats such as blog articles, poems, pieces of code, scripts, musical works, emails, letters, etc.

✅ Translate content into other languages.

✅ Respond with updated information in a complete and informative manner.

✅ Follow instructions and complete requests thoughtfully.

✅ Understand trends, scientific concepts or pros and cons of a specific product.

✅ Test your knowledge on a topic.

Bard Evolution

As Bard continues to develop, we expect to see new utilities that will revolutionize the world of artificial intelligence.

The goal is that, in addition to its current possibilities, it can be used to create new forms of entertainment such as games, stories and poems or improve education by providing students with access to personalized information and resources.

Additionally, it could be used to improve communication, providing an easier and more natural way to interact with machines.

#4. Pictory.AI

Home Pictory.AI

Today, video content is essential in the world of digital marketing. However, the production process can be very complicated if we do not have experience.

Although, can you imagine being able to generate high-quality videos in minutes, without the need for technical skills?

Thanks to Pictory.AI this is possible.

Pictory.AI is a platform powered by artificial intelligence that has helped me a lot to grow on social networks. It is very easy to create videos with this tool and the results are very good.

It has a free version with which we can access the platform for 14 days, being able to create up to 3 videos, 1 transcription and 1 brand.

Pictory.AI Features

This tool allows us to do the following:

How does Pictory.AI help us?
  • Script to video: through text, generate a video by adding subtitles and images related to the content.
  • Article to Video – Create a video from a blog article. It is a magnificent way to publicize our projects in RRSS.
  • Edit videos using text: transcribes the text of an already created video and allows you to edit what you want manually. We can also obtain the highlights of the video or automatically eliminate silences or transition words.
  • Visuals to video: generate a video through the images we upload.

Furthermore, once we produce the texts, we can:


  • Our voice off
  • AI generated voices
  • Background music
  • A loop
  • Zoom


  • The text
  • The duration of each scene
  • The images that AI has generated for us
  • The font and color of the text
  • The format
  • The resolution


Home is an AI tool that defines itself as your creative assistant.

It allows users to create graphics, images and text quickly and easily.

It is a tool that has a very useful free version. If we want to use a function that has a cost, there is a credit system to acquire these functionalities.

We want to emphasize that the images are free as long as we promise that they will not have commercial use.

This is what we can do with the free version of the tool:

Image generation can create high-quality images from a description of what we want included in the image, what we don’t want to appear, and the style of the image.

As it could not be otherwise, we have asked the tool, with the Conceptual Art style, for the following:

«Create an illustration of a family studying on the beach. Include a dog and do not include a cat »

Sounds familiar to you, right?

This is how it turned out: Image

It’s very nice!

Logo creation can generate custom logos from a description or image file.

It works very similar to image generation: we ask for what we want to appear, what we don’t want, and the style.

We can ‘only’ make 10 logos a day.

We asked this: “Create a circular, orange logo that includes the head of a robot” and this was the result:

Logo generated by

Photo editing can edit photos to improve their appearance, remove objects, change the background or colorize black and white ones.

We upload the photo to the tool, ask for what we want and the AI ​​detects what it should do.

The results are magnificent and very useful, since trying to do this manually is very complicated and expensive.

Creative writing

This tool, beyond images, can write different types of content such as poems, stories or scripts.

I consider that it is not its strongest point, but it can be useful for depending on what tasks.


Home is an artificial intelligence tool that is used as a conversational search engine to generate accurate responses thanks to the ChatGPT language model.

Its main advantage is that it provides information in real time based on different sources, marking what each of them contributes.

Additionally, learns from user behaviors to improve its ability to generate content.

Advantages of

✅ Content automation: makes content creation easy thanks to its ability to automatically generate texts.

✅ Deep learning: This tool uses learning algorithms that allow a better understanding and analysis of human language.

✅ Personalization: adapts to the behaviors and needs of each user.

✅ Friendly interface: Its intuitive and easy-to-use design allows quick and easy integration into any work team.

✅ Diversity of formats: You can generate content in different formats and for different intentions, from product descriptions to emails and video scripts.

✅ Efficiency: By automating content production, it allows users to spend their time on other important tasks, thus increasing work efficiency.

✅ High-quality results: The tool is based on the use of natural language processing and deep learning technologies to generate intelligent, coherent and high-quality texts.


Home Midjourney

Midjourney is an artificial intelligence tool integrated into Discord that allows us to generate high-quality images.

To access this AI we only need to have a Discord account and access the Midjourney group.

On some occasions, if demand is high, they do not allow you to use the server for free, but generally, with our account we can make up to 25 queries before having to subscribe to a paid plan.

The images generated by Midjourney are very realistic and their quality is exceptional.

From my point of view, it is one of the best free artificial intelligence tools to generate images.

It should be noted that the tool understands Spanish, but if we want a higher level of precision, it is advisable to write in English.

Here we leave an example of images generated by Midjourney with their respective prompt:

«85mm DSLR color photography of a very detailed headshot fitting all of head and hair in frame. Brazilian soccer player, with short dark brown hair and a dark brown beard, gray background»

It is Spanish it would be:

«85mm DSLR color photography of a very detailed portrait that fits the entire head and hair in the frame. Brazilian soccer player with short dark brown hair and dark brown beard, gray background»

Midjourney Image

How to use Midjourney (Step by step)

  1. Enter Midjourney and press “Join the Beta”.
  2. Accept the invitation.
  3. Sign up for Discord (if you don’t have an account).
  4. Enter any “newbies” room.
  5. Type /imagine and the prompt corresponding to the image you want to receive.
  6. You get 4 results and you must choose the one you like the most according to the commands to obtain higher scales (U) or variations (V).

#8. Grammarly


Grammarly is a very interesting artificial intelligence tool to review, improve and correct grammar, spelling and the use of punctuation marks in any text.

It is a writing assistant that suggests corrections and improvements to our content in real time.

Grammarly can be used as a browser extension, desktop application, and mobile app.

One of the most useful features of Grammarly is its ability to provide context-based suggestions. For example, it can identify if a word is being used in the wrong context and suggest more appropriate synonyms.

The native language of the tool is English and it is noted that the Spanish version has room for improvement.

It has been very useful to me when I have had to create texts for social networks, campaigns or reports in English for companies in other countries. Being able to use Grammarly as an extension, a program on the computer and an app on the mobile phone fascinates me.

Overall, Grammarly is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to improve their writing, but I highly recommend it for English texts.


Home by Jasper AI

Jasper is my favorite artificial intelligence tool and the one I use the most in my daily life.

So why does it appear so low on the list?

Because it is a paid tool that has a 7-day free trial version , so I have considered that it cannot top a top of the best free artificial intelligence tools, otherwise it would be in the Top 1 without a doubt .

Jasper’s goal is to generate SEO-optimized content ready to rank on Google.

Advantages of Jasper

✅ Saving a lot of time.

✅ 100% original quality images.

✅ Original and updated content.

✅ Easy editing of text created with AI tools.

✅ Content generation in more than 30 languages.

✅ +50 dynamic templates.

✅ Free trial availability  

If you don’t know Jasper, you should try this tool.

It has helped our team a lot to publish thousands of content that, without it, would have been of poorer quality and we would have spent more time.

In this Jasper review you can read more about this magnificent tool.


Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and goes hand in hand with the development of artificial intelligence tools.

When starting new projects, we cannot invest as much as we would like to move them forward, which is why we recommend getting familiar with AI with free artificial intelligence tools.

Therefore, in 2024 it is essential to know how to use the best AI tools that can help us a lot in our daily activities, saving us time and money.

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