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Top 7 best software companies in Calgary

March 11, 2024

Calgary, known for its stunning landscapes and booming energy sector, is also a hotbed for technological innovation.

The city’s software industry is teeming with companies that are not only at the forefront of digital solutions but are also driving the global tech scene forward.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 7 software companies in Calgary that are making significant strides in various tech domains.

The best seven software companies in Calgary

#1. IronOak IT Inc.

IronOak IT Inc. is a Managed Computer Service Provider that offers preventative maintenance to businesses globally. They are idea people, experts at providing technology solutions that help businesses gain an edge. 

IronOak IT offers a wide variety of services and comprehensive software packages, allowing their Client Care Specialists to remotely access and optimize clients’ computers.

Their approach to tackling modern technology challenges is cost-effective and innovative, making them a valuable partner for businesses looking to streamline their IT operations. IronOak IT’s commitment to client success is reflected in their five-star rating and positive reviews.

#2. KIS Software

KIS Software provides BACKSTOP, a flexible, intuitive SaaS software platform designed to support CEOs and CFOs in governance, risk, and compliance. Their solutions are tailored to protect companies and ensure that they meet regulatory standards efficiently.

KIS Software’s focus on creating software that is both powerful and user-friendly has positioned them as a key player in the Calgary tech scene.

 Their dedication to helping companies navigate the complexities of governance and compliance is evident in their innovative approach.

#3. Wedge Networks

Wedge Networks is a cybersecurity software vendor specializing in real-time threat prevention. With numerous patents and industry awards, their products are distributed worldwide through MSSP, OEM, VAR, and SI partners.

Wedge Networks’ commitment to innovation in cybersecurity has made them a leader in protecting digital information. 

Their solutions are essential for businesses looking to safeguard their data against ever-evolving threats.

#4. Aimsio

Aimsio is a field management software company designed to quickly plan projects, dispatch resources, and digitize field tickets, forms, LEMs, timesheets, and much more. Their software streamlines operations for businesses with field operations.

Aimsio’s solutions are a testament to their understanding of the needs of field management. 

Their ability to digitize and simplify complex processes has made them a go-to provider for companies looking to improve efficiency and accuracy in the field.

#5. Symend

Symend is transforming the customer engagement model with their digital engagement platform that uses behavioral science and data-driven insights. 

Their innovative approach empowers customers to resolve past due bills and enhances the customer experience.

Symend’s platform is not just about debt recovery; it’s about creating a positive and supportive environment for customers to manage their finances. Their commitment to using technology for good has made them a standout company in Calgary.

#6. Benevity

Benevity is a Calgary-based company that provides community investment solutions with their donation and grant management platforms. 

They are known for their innovative approach to corporate social responsibility and employee engagement.

Benevity’s platforms enable companies to make a positive impact on society while engaging their employees in meaningful ways. Their growth and societal impact have established them as a leader in their field.

#7: Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is an industry-leading and award-winning learning management system for businesses. Their platform is designed to facilitate the delivery and tracking of online training and certifications.

Absorb LMS’s commitment to creating a seamless learning experience has made them a preferred choice for companies looking to invest in their employees’ development. 

Their innovative product and exceptional growth strategy have earned them recognition in the software industry.


Calgary’s software companies are a diverse group of innovators and problem-solvers. The top 7 companies listed here are just a snapshot of the talent and creativity found in this city. They are not only developing software; they are shaping the future of how we interact with technology. Whether you’re a local startup or a global enterprise, these companies offer solutions that can propel any business to the next level.