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Top 7 best software companies in Halifax

March 11, 2024

Halifax, the bustling capital of Nova Scotia, is not only known for its rich maritime history but also as a growing hub for technological innovation.

The city’s software industry is burgeoning, with a diverse range of companies that are innovating in various fields such as artificial intelligence, health tech, and more.

Let’s explore the top 7 software companies in Halifax that are leading the charge in the tech world.

The seven best software companies in Halifaz

#1. Jonas Software Solutions

Jonas Software Solutions operates a multitude of smaller tech companies across various verticals. 

They are known for their strategic acquisitions and management of niche market software solutions, providing a broad spectrum of specialized services.

Their headquarters in Halifax is a testament to the city’s ability to attract diverse software talent and foster innovation. 

Jonas Software Solutions continues to expand its reach, impacting numerous industries with their comprehensive and versatile software offerings.

#2. CarteNav

CarteNav is at the forefront of ISR Mission Software, offering solutions for a wide range of operations including search and rescue, law enforcement, and environmental monitoring. 

Their AIMS-ISR platform is renowned for providing real-time, fully georeferenced operational pictures and precise sensor control.

Based in Halifax, CarteNav’s technology is utilized in over 40 countries, demonstrating their global impact and expertise in the field of mission-critical software.

#3. Quest Software Canada

Quest Software Canada specializes in snapshot backup and instant recovery solutions, ensuring minimal impact on enterprises. Their software is designed to provide robust data protection and disaster recovery.

With a strong presence in Halifax, Quest Software Canada is recognized for its high-quality solutions and excellent customer service, as reflected in their perfect rating.

#4. IMP Solutions

IMP Solutions offers a wide array of IT services including network infrastructure, advanced development and integration, application hosting, and product procurement. 

They are committed to providing comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses.

Located in Halifax, IMP Solutions is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and has been recognized for their contributions to the IT sector.

#5. Milk Moovement

Milk Moovement is revolutionizing the dairy industry with their innovative software that provides actionable intelligence across the dairy supply chain. 

Their tools are essential for transportation monitoring, production tracking, and quality monitoring.

As a Halifax-based company, Milk Moovement is contributing to the local economy while also making a significant impact on the dairy industry at large.

#6. LeadSift

LeadSift mines publicly available information to identify signals of intent for B2B sales and marketers. Their platform helps businesses target and engage with potential customers more effectively.

LeadSift’s innovative approach to lead generation is helping companies in Halifax and beyond to grow their sales and improve their marketing strategies.

#7. Proposify

Proposify streamlines the proposal process for modern sales teams, helping them create, send, track, and e-sign winning proposals, contracts, and agreements. 

Their software is designed to make the sales process more efficient and effective.

Proposify is another Halifax success story, showcasing the city’s ability to support growing companies that are changing the way businesses operate.


The software companies in Halifax are a reflection of the city’s innovative spirit and commitment to technological advancement. These top 7 companies are leading the way in their respective fields, providing cutting-edge solutions that are making a global impact. Halifax’s tech scene is vibrant and continues to grow, solidifying its place as a significant player in the Canadian software industry.