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36 best tools for LinkedIn: Complete list (2024)

March 19, 2024

Digital marketing has found a more than interesting boost in LinkedIn tools. Well, as you grow, the tasks of scheduling publications, automation, analysis and lead generation become more complicated.If you’ve been wondering how experts stay up to date on LinkedIn and the rest of their social networks, then pay attention In this list of the 36 best tools for LinkedIn you will find some answers.

Tools to schedule posts on LinkedIn

These are some of the best tools you can use on LinkedIn.

Let the listing begin!



In addition to its powerful data extraction features, Phantombuster allows you to automate and schedule LinkedIn posts quite easily.

You can automate many actions with Phantombuster , but the Auto Poster option for LinkedIn is the perfect tool to schedule the publication of your posts and stay active 24 hours a day safely.

2. Hootsuite


It is a management platform for social networks that is very easy to use. Hootsuite is used to create and schedule posts on LinkedIn or plan campaigns with different accounts at the same time.

Provides the possibility of scheduling the publication of content and videos manually or automatically. In addition to the options for sending according to the segmentation of your contact list.

3. SocialPilot

Tools for LinkedIn- SocialPilot

In addition to scheduling LinkedIn posts, SocialPilot has attractive content customization options.

You can increase the number and quality of your posts by efficiently managing one or more LinkedIn accounts. Facilitating work on your marketing campaigns and monitoring your content plan.

4. Buffer


The options when publishing with Buffer are practical and easy to take advantage of. To schedule posts on LinkedIn, Twitter or any of the social networks you only need to choose the right time.

It also includes content editing, collaborative teams, and direct programming. In addition to its performance monitoring and evaluation functionalities.

LinkedIn automation tools

Let’s now look at tools that help you automate actions on Linkedin and save time.

5. Linked Helper 2


It is by far one of the most useful tools when it comes to LinkedIn automation. From managing your profile, issuing requests and messages, approving contacts and visiting selected profiles.

Without a doubt, the competitive advantages of Linked Helper 2 increase your productivity.

6. OctopusCRM


Anyone might think that you really are an octopus when you start using OctopusCRM . Economical, robust and functional, when it comes to automating connections and personalized and massive messages.

In addition to including chain actions for your LinkedIn campaigns with which you can contact, add to your network, send messages and follow up automatically.



Another notable example of on-chain automation comes in IFTTT ‘s LinkedIn features .

This LinkedIn automation tool owes its good performance to the possibility of combining activities that are executed when a certain condition or date is met. In addition to the integration of its functions between the different social networks that you manage.

8. Expand


By selecting Expandi you will not only be saving time, its objective is to enhance your professional activity and your presence on LinkedIn. Getting closer to your customers and generating true engagement with your brand.

The main advantage of Expandi is that you can manage unlimited campaigns and that its automation functions take LinkedIn regulations into account to avoid penalties.

9. Zopto


A specialized LinkedIn automation alternative for lead generation is Zopto . It requires some knowledge to set up and its plans are expensive, but the results are well worth it.

With this tool, marketers not only get the job done faster. Automation processes are efficient and intelligently focused on a well-defined target audience.

10. Magnetool


It is emerging as a powerful tool for LinkedIn automation, mainly in creating campaigns and sending messages.

In addition to this, Magnetool provides options for contact generation and lead identification. Facilitating the expansion of your network and the reach of your publications.

Analysis and monitoring tools

Let’s now look at tools that will help you analyze data and monitor your Linkedin:

11.Shield Analytics

Shield Analytics

When it comes to analyzing LinkedIn data and metrics in general, Shield Analytics is among the most complete tools. It allows you to easily view participation indicators, reactions, opinions or comments.

In addition to providing information on the performance of your campaigns and the response of your network of contacts to guarantee its growth.

12. Socilab


Socilab offers the possibility of monitoring and analyzing your LinkedIn networks from a scientific and social point of view. Through a java code that interacts with the LinkedIn API.

It offers a graphical view of the relationships and interaction focuses of your account, with which you can obtain data on the effectiveness of your campaigns.

13. LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics

The analysis and monitoring tool incorporated into the LinkedIn platform itself. It is totally free, although only available for commercial profiles.

LinkedIn Analytics is focused on the most interesting metrics related to visitors, followers, reactions and work team performance.

14. Metricool

Tools for LinkedIng - Metricool

The metrics Metricool provides are functional, detailed and relevant. In addition to traditional analytics for LinkedIn, it allows you to focus on the growth of your network of contacts.

It also provides facilities for data unification and generation of comparisons. This way you can monitor the evolution of your campaigns on different social networks.

15. Agorapulse


Monitoring is one of Agorapulse ‘s strong features , thanks to its tracking and reporting functions.

Of course, it also offers the possibility of automating many tasks on LinkedIn, but obtaining real-time data and customizing KPIs for reports put it on another level.

LinkedIn management tools

Let’s see how to manage our Linkedin using these tools:



The analysis functions offered by Crystal are focused on detecting personality patterns in your LinkedIn contacts. With which it is possible to personalize communications according to your interests, tone of communication or style preferences.

17. Rapportive

Considering the professional focus of this social network, Rapportive allows you to find and manage a contact’s information, associating their Gmail email address with their LinkedIn profile.

In this way, it is possible to make a detailed comparison of the data, interests, contacts and professional experiences recorded in your profile.

18. Visual CV


Registration in the Visual CV application is done directly with your LinkedIn account, therefore take the information available in your profile to quickly create a CV. Includes templates, printing formats and options to send the document by email.

In addition to managing multiple versions of your resume and configuring tracking options, so you know when it was opened and who the interested employer is.

19. LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn Job Search

LinkedIn Job Search is an interesting complement to the advantages of this social network that you access directly through the platform’s Jobs options.

It works as a job portal where you find offers from employers and where you can set up vacancy alerts based on your skills.

20. Five Hundred Plus

When it comes to managing your contacts, the Five Hundred Plus functions will make your life easier. With this tool you can not only schedule meetings and reminders of specific actions.

It is also possible to create work groups and have the history of interactions in your network of contacts at hand.

21. LinkedIn for Small Business

LinkedIn Small Business

As its name indicates, LinkedIn for Small Business is a tool designed to help small businesses.

In what? In the management and monitoring of your sales, the promotion of your brand and lead generation. It also provides facilities for the creation of relevant content that generates a great impact on engagement.

22. Resume Builder

More than an application Resume Builder is part of LinkedIn’s tools for managing your profile.

As soon as it takes a couple of clicks, you get the information contained in your profile in PDF format. Ready to be sent to any company or saved in your personal files.

Tools to get contacts and lead generation

Do you want to get leads on Linkedin? Check out these tools:

23. Doge-Soup


The tool that allows you to find, attract and convert your leads into loyal customers. With Dux-Soup you have the advantages of automation to achieve an effective response from a contact.

In addition to suggesting potential clients, it allows you to configure an interaction strategy with messages, notes and confirmation of skills. With the purpose of establishing a bond of trust.

24. LeadFuze


This application makes it easy to discover contacts and create prospect lists. LeadFuze collects basic information to set up your marketing campaign through emails, social networks, or phone numbers that appear as public data on LinkedIn.

25. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Tools for LinkedIn - SalesNavigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator features seek to improve the experience of finding ideal clients for your business.

Basically, it optimizes the efforts of companies by presenting effective contact suggestions, and then incorporating them into your CRM application and carrying out your digital marketing strategy by addressing the needs detected in their profiles.

26. LinkedIn Alumni Tool

Finding old college classmates through their profiles is one of the advantages of the LinkedIn Alumni Tool .

The true value of this tool is in the facilities it provides to expand your network of contacts. In addition to exploring the job options that your colleagues have accessed.

Other Great Chrome Extensions for LinkedIn

Now it’s time to talk about Chrome extensions.

27. Discoverly


Another ally when it comes to obtaining and verifying a contact’s data. With Discoverly , you can also compare the information in a LinkedIn profile with the rest of the social networks that are registered with the same email, as well as their contacts and preferences.

28. Evercontact


As a Chrome extension, Evercontact is linked to your Google account, so you have the possibility of generating data sheets related to contacts on LinkedIn and other social networks to add them to your Gmail address book.

So you can manage your contact list with this file that includes name, phone numbers, associated profiles, email and any other data classified by the user as public.

29. LinkedIn Connection Revealer

Although it has been removed from the list of Google Chrome extensions, LinkedIn Connection Revealer is a nice tool that shows the precise number of contacts a user has. In this way, the “500 +” reference is easier to put into context when considering you as a potential client.

30. LinkedIn Hashtags

LinkedInd Hashtags

With LinkedIn Hashtags the selection and visibility of your tags will be faster and more efficient. Since, by installing this extension you will be able to know the number of followers that a particular hashtag has.

This way your digital marketing campaign will have a greater reach, by focusing on the topics that are really being talked about in your LinkedIn network of contacts.

31. InCognito


This simple extension provides an alternative for recruiters to visit candidate profiles without being detected.

With InCognito you have a secure and fast way to hide your activity on LinkedIn. You just have to activate the unknown option and that’s it. Preventing you from being contacted by applicants during the selection.

32. Unbias, LinkedIn anonymizer for recruiters


Just like InCognito provides anonymity to recruiters, Unbias – LinkedIn anonymizer for recruiters provides this option to candidates.

Although it is activated by the recruiter, this extension omits information (photograph, names or irrelevant data) that has no relation to the professional environment and may affect the impartiality of the selection criteria.

Other tools to get the most out of it

More tools?

33. LinkedIn Lite

LinkedIn Lite for Web

In its previous version, called LinkedIn Lite , it is now called LinkedIn for Web. But even with the new name, it’s still as useful as ever.

LinkedIn for Web allows you to have your feed on the desktop with the same appearance as the mobile application. This way you can combine your work and not miss the action by having your notifications directly on the screen.

34. SlideShare

Tools for LinkedIn - SlideShare

When it comes to incorporating style and originality into your LinkedIn presentations, SlideShare is the ideal alternative. Well, in addition to design options, it allows the publication and dissemination of your content. Or, archive them to share them at a better opportunity.

35. Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Find a solution for B2B companies looking to boost their business with LinkedIn Ads . It is now possible to design and publish your ad according to your market segmentation.

Ensure the visibility of your offer among your potential customers, through messaging or with featured ads in the sidebar.

36. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

As if something was missing as a social network, LinkedIn Learning puts the icing on the cake with this professional training tool.

LinkedIn users can access video courses to hone their knowledge in the areas of technology, creativity, and business. They also have platform certification and are added among the skills of the participating contact.


The automation of LinkedIn and other social networks is an interesting advantage and is largely available to everyone, in free or subscription versions.

The really significant thing about these tools to schedule, automate, get contacts and manage LinkedIn is in your ability to learn to get the most out of it.

Perhaps you had not realized the reach of this professional network or the applications that can optimize your messages, publications and interactions in your digital marketing campaigns .

But you have arrived at a good time to take advantage of the opportunity to catch up and share with your team the list of the best tools for LinkedIn. Get ready to take your first steps or continue your path to professional success.