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Top 7 best work agencies in Ottawa

March 9, 2024

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, is not only the political heart of the nation but also a bustling center for employment.

With a diverse economy that spans technology, government services, and healthcare, Ottawa offers a wealth of opportunities for job seekers.

In this landscape, work agencies play a vital role in connecting talent with opportunity.

Here, we explore the top 7 work agencies in Ottawa that stand out for their exceptional service.

The best seven job agencies in Ottawa

#1. World Skills Employment Center

World Skills Employment Center is a beacon for new Canadians, helping them integrate into the local economy through various programs and services.

Located at 219 Argyle Avenue, they address the challenges faced by newcomers in finding meaningful employment, offering guidance and support that is crucial for a successful job search.

Their commitment to promoting the skills and talents of new Canadians has made them a recognized leader in the Ottawa job market. 

With a focus on overcoming barriers, World Skills Employment Center ensures that every individual they assist is well-equipped to contribute to the local workforce.

#2. Robert Half® Recruiters & Employment Agency

Robert Half® is a global staffing firm known for its specialized services. The Ottawa branch, situated at 360 Albert St, Suite 520, offers skilled talent solutions for various roles, including finance, accounting, technology, and administrative support.

With over 345 locations worldwide, Robert Half®’s local knowledge and sector experience are invaluable in matching the right candidate with the right job. 

Their commitment to excellence is evident in their approach to recruitment, making them a trusted partner in Ottawa’s employment scene.

#3. Express Employment Professionals

Express Employment Professionals has a mission to put a million people to work annually. 

Their Ottawa office at 700 Industrial Ave Unit 330 is dedicated to providing skilled workers to local businesses.

Whether you’re looking for your next employee or a new career, Express has a solution for you. 

Their vision of helping as many people as possible find good jobs by helping as many clients as possible find good people is what drives their success.

#4. Adecco

Adecco is a leading recruitment expert with a strong presence in Ottawa. 

Located at 1 Nicholas Street, Suite 1502, they offer a wide range of job opportunities and staffing services, from online training to interview tips.

Adecco’s resources and expertise make them a go-to agency for job seekers and employers in Ottawa. 

Their commitment to finding the right match for every job seeker and employer is what sets them apart.

#5. Quantum Management Services

Quantum Management Services is renowned for its strategic staffing solutions across various industries.

Their expertise in understanding the specific needs of clients and candidates allows them to provide tailored services that result in successful placements.

Their Ottawa branch is dedicated to finding the perfect match for job seekers and employers, ensuring a seamless recruitment process.

Quantum’s meticulous and compassionate approach makes them a reliable partner in the employment journey.

#6. LRO Staffing

LRO Staffing, with a deep understanding of the Ottawa job market, specializes in placing professionals in technology, finance, and administration roles.

Their personalized approach to recruitment ensures that they not only fill positions but also contribute to the strategic growth of businesses.

LRO Staffing’s commitment to finding the best fit for both candidates and employers has made them a trusted name in the staffing industry.

They are dedicated to creating long-lasting employment relationships that benefit all parties involved.

#7. Drake International

Drake International offers comprehensive human resources solutions, including temporary and permanent staffing, HR consulting, and talent management.

With a presence in Ottawa, they are committed to enhancing the success of businesses and individuals alike.

Drake International’s holistic approach to recruitment ensures that they provide not just staffing services but also strategic insights that contribute to the growth and development of companies and careers.


Ottawa’s job market is rich with opportunities, and these top 7 work agencies are at the forefront of connecting job seekers with employers.

Each agency brings its unique strengths and expertise to the table, ensuring that the employment needs of the community are met with professionalism and care.

Whether you’re starting your career journey or looking to hire top talent, these agencies are equipped to guide you towards success.